Photos: Kith & Kin International College Holds Clubs’ Jersey Day

Wale Jagun

Students of the Kith & Kin International College in Manchester United jerseys at the school’s sports arena

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so goes the saying. Thus, there is a need to unwind and relax in every given task, a situation scientists have agreed brings about refreshment and boosts human activity for better productivity.

This is the case on Thursday, when the Kith & Kin International College, Owode Ibeshe, created another avenue for its students to relax and engage in identifying with international clubs of choice by wearing jerseys of major clubs that have dominated European and world football circles in decades.

The engagement was tagged, ‘Jersey Day’.

At the school’s Excellence hall and sporting arena, students wore jerseys of Manchester United, Barcelona FC, Chelsea FC, Machester City, Bayern Munich among others.

According to the school, “It was edutainment to have our students appear in different ways to represent their clubs such as Manchester United, Barcelona FC, Chelsea FC, Machester City, Bayern Munich”.

“We are Kith & Kin. We are Resourceful”.

Barca FC fans during the event
KKES international college students that are fans of the Manchester City FC proudly in their club’s jersey
Chelsea fans
Fans of the Bayern Munich FC

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