Ikorodu-Oga Development Association Enhances Healthcare With Annual Initiative

Nurudeen Adebayo

In a commendable effort to bolster community health, the Ikorodu – Oga Development Association (IKODASS) organized a medical outreach at the Ikorodu Town Hall, where they provided essential medical services to the vulnerable members of the society.

The health initiative was part of the ongoing 32nd Ikorodu – Oga Day celebration.

At the outreach, IKODASS distributed 100 glasses to individuals who underwent eye screenings. The event, which aimed at providing healthcare within the community, also included free medical treatments for a diverse range of patients, encompassing the elderly, middle-aged individuals, and the youths.

Mr. Rilwan Alabi Onibudo, the Welfare Officer of IKODASS, highlighted the association’s commitment to the well-being of the community.

“The IKODASS is dedicated to the welfare of our people, and a significant aspect of showcasing our commitment is by providing medical services. Today’s screenings, including eye screenings, are made possible with the support of our sponsors. Additionally, we plan to conduct operations for ten individuals”, he said.

The initiative proved impactful with over 200 people benefiting from various medical services such as high blood pressure checks, medical examinations, and sugar level screenings. The focus on eye care was particularly noteworthy, as 100 glasses were distributed to those who underwent eye screenings.

Pharmacists at the outreach

In an interview, Mr. Alabi expressed the association’s vision, saying, “Our expectation is to transform this into a medical festival for everyone in Ikorodu. This tradition has persisted over the years, witnessing a growing number of participants annually.”

Among the beneficiaries was Taiwo Olumide, who expressed gratitude for the free medical services.
“We thank IKODASS for the medical services they provided today. My son was one of the beneficiaries, and the prompt response to his condition made a significant difference. We are truly grateful, and Ikorodu will continue to thrive by God’s grace”, he said.

Awe Rabiat, another participant, shared her appreciation, stating,

“I really appreciate Ikorodu Oga Development Association, especially Idris Sholebo who provided us with free medical treatment and eye screening. I also received glasses for reading, during the eye screening.”

The success of this annual healthcare initiative reflects IKODASS’s ongoing commitment to the well-being of the Ikorodu community, fostering a culture of care and support for those in need.

Another section of the outreach
Residents at the medical outreach

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