Our Students’ Performances At ICAN Competition Represent Our School’s Commitment To Quality Education That Prepares Them For Challenges – Kith & Kin Principal

Jare Babatunde

The Principal of the Kith & Kin International School, Mr Oregbesan Julius Gbenga, has ascribed the performances of the students of the school at the second edition of the Future Accountants Managers Entrepreneurs (FAME) Quiz Competition organized by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Western Zone, to the commitment of the school to quality education.

The competition, which students of secondary schools participated in, took place at the Ikeja ICAN District Society Office, on October 31, 2023.

Babaniyi Ibukun, a SSS 3 student of Kith & Kin International School, emerged third overall best at the FAME competition, a feat the school Principal described as a “triumph against all odds”.

“In an impressive showcase of academic prowess, students from Kith & Kin Educational Schools, made their mark at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria Western Zone’s second Edition Future Accountants Managers Entrepreneurs (FAME)”, Mr Oregbesan said in a chat with our reporter.

“Despite a short notice and a mid-term break, the students excelled.

“I contacted the parents of the two representatives to inform them about the upcoming competition. Our students at Kith and Kin Educational Schools, are well-prepared due to the high-quality education we provide, which equips them to excel in any competition.

“Babaniyi Ibukun, a representative from our school, in SS3, secured 3rd position overall, underlining our commitment to quality education that prepares students for any challenge”, he said.

The junior and senior sections of the school, also emerged winners as IT Champions in the competition organized by the Nigerian Computer Society, Lagos Chapter, in October.

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