Agbelebu Is A Song That Celebrates The Determination To Endure In The Face Of Adversity – Da’Fresh Olorin

Oluwadamilola Ibrahim Emmanuel, popularly known as ‘Da’Fresh Olorin’, is a is musician, songwriter and a naturally-born entertainer with an unwavering passion for music and boundless creativity.

He was born in Ebute Metta, Lagos, in the late nineties, and his journey in the world of music and entertainment, has been remarkable.

Da’Fresh Olorin’s journey into the world of music began in his formative years. At just 11 years old, while residing in Ebute-Meta, Lagos, Damilola discovered his innate talent for music. He possessed a remarkable gift for crafting melodies and conveying his emotions through song. This initial spark ignited the flames of his musical ambitions.

His path towards professional singing and recording commenced in 2010, when he was a college student and had recently relocated to Ikorodu. Driven by an unrelenting dedication to his craft, he began frequenting recording studios.

In that pivotal year, he entered his first-ever music competition at his college, and emerged victorious by delivering a captivating performance of his debut track. This achievement served as a profound revelation, reinforcing his conviction that music is his true calling.

In 2012, Da’Fresh Olorin entered another competition and once again triumphed, solidifying his confidence and deepening his passion for music. He dedicated countless hours to the studio, earning him the affectionate nickname, “studio rat”, as he fearlessly experimented with diverse sounds and honed his distinctive musical style.

In 2015, Da’Fresh Olorin participated in the “Unleash Your Talents” competition, a grassroots exposition dedicated to discovering talents in various creative disciplines, including music, dance, comedy, and modeling. This event, organized by Fanafillit, proved to be a pivotal moment as his exceptional talent and performance captured the attention of the organizers. Subsequently, he signed a management deal with Fanafillit, marking his official entry into the professional music scene.

Since joining Fanafillit, Damilola’s journey as Da’Fresh Olorin has been adorned with remarkable achievements. He has curated an impressive discography featuring notable singles such as “Sisi Eko” (2015), “Jubadi” (2016), “Bamise” (2017), “Light” (2020), “Corona” (2020), “Maami” (2021) – a heartfelt tribute to motherhood, “Lagos is Bae” (2018) featuring the renowned producer Antras, “Grace” (2018), a compelling cover of Tenientertainer’s “Case,” and his latest release, “Agbelebu” (2023), a celebration of determination in the face of adversity.

Da’Fresh Olorin on state doing his thing.

Da’Fresh Olorin graduated from the Technical College, Ikorodu, where he specialized in printing. His academic journey reflects his diverse interests and commitment to both his artistic endeavors and educational pursuits.

In 2022, Da’Fresh Olorin achieved a remarkable feat by participating in the inaugural edition of Headies MicCheck, a highly competitive music competition organized by the esteemed Headies Awards. Amidst fierce competition involving over 1500 contestants, he stood out, securing a coveted spot among the top 20 participants and ultimately earning a place as one of the top 12 finalists.

In this interview with Kunle Adelabu, Publisher/Reporter – in – Chief, THE IMPACT, Da’Fresh Olorin spoke about his person, journey into music, his hit track, ‘Agbelebu’, and what his fans should be expecting from him.

To stay updated and connect with Da’Fresh Olorin, you can find him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube under the handle @dafresholorin. His online presence underscores his commitment to engaging with his fans and fellow artistes, sharing his creative journey, and promoting his diverse body of work. His journey, from the streets of Ebute-Meta to the recording studios of Ikorodu, serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to the world of music. Excerpt:

THE IMPACT: Who is Da’fresh Olorin?

Da’Fresh Olorin: The obvious answer to this question is that I’m a musician, but beyond that, I’m a messenger. I serve humanity and music is my calling. I understand that music is a universal language, and it is a food to the soul. So, my mission is to keep this food as healthy and as enjoyable as possible for the soul to consume and that’s what I stand for.

THE IMPACT: When did you start singing generally, and when exactly did you start singing/recording professionally, and with which of your songs?

Da’Fresh Olorin: I discovered my passion for music at the age of 11, while living in Ebute-Meta. It was during this time that I realized I had a gift for music. However, my journey into professional singing and recording began in 2010, when I was in college and had just moved to Ikorodu. I started visiting the studio frequently during that period.

In the same year, I participated in my first-ever competition in college, and to my delight, I won by performing my first-ever track. It was a pivotal moment for me, a real lightbulb moment, which made me believe that music was my calling. In 2012, I entered another competition and once again, emerged victorious. This success boosted my confidence, and I began spending more time in the studio, experimenting with different sounds. I essentially became what people called ‘a studio rat’.

Fast forward to 2015, I took part in the ‘Unleash Your Talents’ competition organized by Fanafillit, and it was after that competition that I signed a management deal with the organization. Following this milestone, I released my first official single titled ‘Sisi Eko,’ and that marked the beginning of an exciting musical journey.

THE IMPACT: Agbelebu is a track that has been making waves and enjoying airtime, how did you come about the song; what informed it?

Da’Fresh Olorin: The creation of ‘Agbelebu’, was a profound journey, marked by a roller coaster of emotions. It’s a song that embodies healing, renewed hope, and unwavering faith.

Throughout my 13-year music career, I’ve encountered numerous challenges, moments of self-doubt, and questions about my path. However, I chose not to dwell on these setbacks, but instead persevered.

‘Agbelebu’ serves as a symbol of that resilience. It’s a song that celebrates the determination to endure in the face of adversity, drawing from my personal experiences. I poured my heart into this track, with the intention of inspiring others who may be facing their own hardships, to hold onto their dreams and never give up.

THE IMPACT: After Agbelebu, what should your fans and music lovers be expecting from you?

Da’Fresh Olorin: My dedicated fans and music enthusiasts can anticipate an exciting future filled with more music, captivating events, and so much more. I’m committed to continually delivering fresh, engaging contents that resonate with your hearts and souls. Stay tuned for a musical journey like no other!

THE IMPACT: How would you describe the music and entertainment industry in Ikorodu, at the moment?

Da’Fresh Olorin: The music and entertainment industry in Ikorodu, are teeming with potentials. We’ve witnessed the rise of talents like Qdot, Sean Tizle, Barry Jay, Seyi Vibez, Asake, and many others who have emerged from Ikorodu, and are now making waves on global stage. Additionally, we mustn’t forget the legendary artists who also have their roots in Ikorodu.

Undoubtedly, Ikorodu boasts of wealth of talents, but to fully realize this potentials, there is needs for increased support and, most importantly, investment on these budding talents.

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