Knighthood: Prominent Youth Leader In Ikorodu Congratulates Former Deputy Governor, Abiodun Ogunleye

Wale Jagun

The former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Prince Abiodun Ogunleye has been congratulated on his conferment as a Knight of John Wesley (KJW), Methodist Church of Nigeria, by a prominent youth in Ikorodu and founder of the Real Initiatives, Mr Abolaji Oluwaseun Elesho.

He described the award as a well – deserved honour for the political leader who is strong member of the Patriarch Bolaji Cathedral Methodist Church, Ita – Elewa, Ikorodu.

Ogunleye, who is also a chieftain of the Governance Advisory Council (GAC), the highest decision making body of the ruling party in Lagos State, is being honoured today by the Conference of Methodist Church, at a special service at Hoarse Memorial Methodist Church, Yaba, Lagos.

In a statement issued on Sunday by Mr Abolaji Oluwaseun Elesho, titled, ‘Heartfelt Congratulations on Your Well-Deserved Knighthood’, he said that the former Deputy Governor has made remarkable contributions to his community, state and humanity in general.

“It is with great joy and utmost respect that I extend my warmest congratulations to you on being knighted by the Conference of Methodist Church Nigeria, today. This incredible honor, which recognizes your unwavering dedication to the church and your remarkable contributions to humanity, is a true testament to your exceptional character and selfless service”, Elseho said.

“Your journey as the former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, has been marked by a deep commitment to making positive changes in the lives of the people you serve. Your leadership and vision have not only transformed the community but have also touched the lives of countless individuals, leaving an indelible mark of progress, compassion and hope.

Elesho also stated that the honoree has contributed immensely to the development of the Church and dedicated himself to the service of God.

He added that the conferment with the Knighthood, is an opportunity for the political leader to make further contributions to the development of humanity and serve God.

“Your dedication to the Methodist Church, has been nothing short of inspiring. Your tireless efforts in supporting the church’s missions, fostering spiritual growth, and fostering a sense of unity among the congregation, have not gone unnoticed. Your deep-rooted faith and unwavering devotion have served as a guiding light for all those who have had the privilege of knowing you”, he said.

“Your decoration ceremony today at the Hoarse Memorial Methodist Church, Yaba, is a reflection of the high regard in which you are held by the Conference of Methodist Church Nigeria. As you are decorated with this well-deserved honor, may you feel the warmth of appreciation from all those whose lives you have touched and improved.

“Your journey as a knight is a continuation of your lifelong commitment to serving humanity, and I am confident that this new chapter will be filled with even greater opportunities to make a difference. May your example continue to inspire us all to work toward the betterment of the society and the promotion of values that reflect the true spirit of humanity.

“Once again, congratulations, Sir (Prince) Abiodun Ogunleye! Your knighthood is not just a recognition of your past achievements, but a promise of the remarkable contributions you will undoubtedly continue to make in the future, particularly to PBMC, IKorodu.

“With deepest respect and warmest wishes”, he said.

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