By Asoro Abubakri Olatunji

Lagos electric buses

It was 4 pm and I was glad to close for the week, said TGIF to myself! But I remembered the stress to get back home, Oshodi to Ikorodu is about 50 minutes but the long queue at BRT and possible traffic will make the flavor of the trip bitter, little did I know that this particular experience was not going to be the usual.

On arrival at Oshodi Bus terminal, behold at my sight was the electric bus. The future of Lagos promises a less carbon and more pleasurable ride.

It has been a long since I joined an excursion and this provided the best shot at it (LOL), boom, I joined and the experience began. Apart from about 46 passengers seated, the bus accommodated another 80 passengers standing, I was one among the 80s.

A fellow passenger on his phone played “I Pledge to Nigeria my Country” by Dr Saheed Osupa and everyone has reasons to be a proud Nigerian again, as everyone echoes the lyrics, mind you the Air condition was blowing fine, as a Lagosian, it was like a way of saying forget the hustle and bustle of Lagos, the future is here.

As a country, the future is beginning to look good for Nigeria and Lagos is leading that change. Why should we not be proud?

Dangote refinery has just been commissioned, it is Africa’s biggest oil refinery and the world’s biggest single-train facility. The blue light rail launched, the red line took shape and all more in the bag. Will you rather not say Nigeria is truly becoming the giant of Africa?

Lagos is not been selfish, it has given Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to Nigeria, the master drafter of Lagos’ blueprint, and no doubt Nigeria will be great.

Ha! Don’t scratch our new bus ooo, was the exclamation from the back, this Danfo driver nearly spoiled our fun. He reminds me of Tony Tetular’s song “Tinubu you don hit my car, oyinbo repete”, Lol, it’s high time the memory of Danfo stays in art galleries across the country. We appreciate them for serving us before now, but we just found the future and we can’t go back, lai lai.

Glad to know that I can be standing in a Lagos bus and conveniently write this, you know what it means.

Our hope is now renewed, see you in the future.

Asoro Abubakri Olatunji is a Lawyer, Arbitrator, and Coordinator at NYCN, Ikorodu West, writes from Ikorodu

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