Group Donates Educational Materials To Oriwu College Students

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-Pledges further support

Chief Bimbo Odukoya, President of the Empire Club of Nigeria, officials of the club in group photograph with Mr Akeem Bello, Principal, Oriwu Senior Model Colleges, Ikorodu, some staff of the school, students and some old students during the visit of the Empire Club visit to the premier college in Ikorodu Division.

The Empire Club of Nigeria, a social and humanitarian organisation, has donated educational materials to the students of Oriwu Senior and Junior Model Colleges, Ikorodu, as part of its efforts in encouraging academic excellence.

The group, which visited the premier college in Ikorodu Division, also commended the school for its achievements and status, not only in the state but the country as a whole.

Chief Bimbo Odukoya, President of the club, speaking during the brief ceremony, said that members of his club are involved in humanitarian activities to make the world a better place.

While stating that the club is happy to be part of the success stories of the school, she also hinted about the club’s a bigger plan for the school.

“I feel very highly honoured to be here today. The first aim of any human being is to ensure you leave this world a better place than you met it and you must have courage to do that. It is very important. We can teach you everything here, but we cannot teach you courage. It has to be what you decide to do”, Chief Odukoya said.

“You can only be taught lessons and steps to guide you and that is why you have to listen to your teachers and parents at all times.

“We are here to give you little gifts, but it is not the gifts that you should look at, but the mind of giving. No matter how little that you are giving, always ask yourself at the end of every day that how many people are impacted through your act. It is very important. The food that you are trying to throw away may be a lifesaver to someone else. Don’t ever think that anything is too small to give.

Chief Bimbo Odukoya, President of the Empire Club of Nigeria presenting some of the educational materials to the Mr Akeem Bello, Principal, Oriwu Senior Model Colleges, Ikorodu, during the visit.

“We are here to give you little presents and we want you to see it as the beginning of a very great package to come. We are very proud of your achievements and we want to be part of it. There are other things that have been discussed with the leadership of the school and which we will be unfolding later”, she added.

The club’s Vice President, Barr. Victor Adeyemi, also charged the students on the need to work hard, follow instructions and be good students, if they want to make it tomorrow.

“You are the architect of what you will become tomorrow. There is no failure except you deviate from the right channel; except there is no follow up to what your teachers are teaching you today and except you do not work hard, read and believe in yourself”, he said.

Educational items donated by the club

“I am a proud father of a student in this college. I know what the teachers are doing and I know how smart my daughter is. Among you students of Oriwu College, we have Presidents, Governors, Attorney – Generals and Chief Justices. Do not look down on yourself.

“You are all still teenagers and this is the most sensitive stage of your life. This is the stage where you will decide what you want to be; pick what you want to become and choose who your role models are. This is one of the most delicate stages in life. Whatever steps that you are taking today, determines who you become tomorrow”, Barr. Adeyemi charged the students.

He further charged them to make their school, teachers and parents proud by becoming great in life.

Mr Akeem Bello, the Principal, Oriwu Senior Model College, Ikorodu, who was appreciative of the interventions by the Lagos State Government, bodies and individuals whom he said have assisted in making the school one of the best not only in Lagos State, but in the country as a whole, thanked officers and members of the Empire Club, for the gesture.

“I want to say a big thank you because if we look at the significance of what you have donated today, it’s a complete package of learning instruments that every child needs to excel in education”, Mr Bello said.

“In the package are pens, notebooks, and mathematical sets. It is also timely because our SS3 students are writing their WAEC. I want those of you here in SS3 and lower classes to go with a lesson that you don’t have to choose a scientist or a genius as a role model, but what you need is the interpretation of what happens around you every day and what you have made up your mind to achieve and to do in order to influence the lives of others.

“To some of you, these gifts might be small, but they are the biggest gift a father can give to a child, and that is why they said that education is the best legacy. There is nothing that you can inherit from your father that will not be obsolete. It is only education that will not go into extinction….”, he said.

“I want to say a big thank you to you because we have gained a lot from your speeches and the donations. We want to promise you that we are going to make good use of the items. Thank you for coming”.

The school Principal also charged his students on the need to work towards success in life so that they too can be able to give back to their alma mata, in the future.

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