Social Media: Close Your Eyes From Immoral Acts, Opt for Good Part – Imam Oshoala

Kunle Adelabu

His Eminence, Sheikh Yahya Olorunoshebi Oshoala ,Ajagbemokeferi, Ameer ul Muhminina As-Samadaani and the Chief Imam, Oriwu Central Mosque, Ikorodu

An Islamic cleric and Chief Imam, Oriwu Central Mosque, His Eminence Fadhilat Sheikh Yahya Olorunosebi Oshoala, has urged Muslim faithful, especially those observing the Ramadan fasting to close their eyes against immoral and wrong features on the social media during the Holy month, but accept the good part of it.

Imam Oshoala also charged faithful to seek knowledge during the period and have sober reflection.

“This month of Ramadan is a redeemer month. It is a month of retreat; a month of education, and a month to practice what Islam is all about”, he said.

“Even before the arrival of social media, there have always been immoral things all around you. When you want to go into the bus, you will see people; women almost naked. You go to the mall, inside the market, to your place of work, it’s all the same thing. That is why Allah made this month. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), talked about this month as a month of Subur (month of patience). To take patience in whatever you are doing.

“We can’t do without all these things, but for a good Muslim, you will want to engage yourself in the Holy Quran, going for lectures, meditating on your own, giving alms, having night Tahajud. That is what you have to do”, he advised.

“It is not all these alone that are there on social media as you have said. There are series of lectures there. There is Quran which you can also recite. Close your eyes from what is immoral and opt for the good part of it”, he said.

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