New Eletu, Asiwaju Oke -Eletu Speaks On What Residents Should Expect

Kunle Adelabu and Mariam Akinloye

High Chief Adeniyi Omotayo, the new Eletu of Oke Eletu and Pastor Fatai Ajalogun, Asiwaju of Oke Eletu.

The new Eletu of Oke – Eletu, High Chief Adeniyi Omotayo Ajayi, has assured residents of his community to expect an open – door policy where everyone will be involved in the progress and development of the town.

He also said that the community under his leadership, would partner with the state government and royal fathers in facilitating projects and developments to Oke – Eletu.

High Chief Ajayi and Pastor Fatai Ajalogun, spoke with THE IMPACT in an interview recently at Oke – Eletu.

“What they should be expecting from me is a government of inclusiveness, because I can’t do it alone. I need everybody; we are all stakeholders and Oke – Eletu belongs to all of us. So, we must develop our community together and bring development to Oke – Eletu”, Chief Ajayi said.

“We will partner with the state government, Ayangbure, Alajede and if possible, give them land to build some good projects here, and by doing so, our youths will have where to work and that will reduce the cybercrimes. Through this, we will try to engage all our youths so that they can be earning money every month. I have a lot of expectations and I believe with God, everything is possible”, he added.

Speaking to the large crowd that witnessed his installation rites, High Chief Ajayi, who was overwhelmed by the amount of support that he received, said that the turnout was due to the high expectations of the people who had endured almost a decade of struggle.

“Well, to God be the glory, it is not only me that has been anticipating this feat, this is a struggle of nine to ten years, so people have been anticipating having a leader in Oke – Eletu. The two ruling houses that we have: Shogba and Ayanlu, have been planning and praying to have a leader in our community. So, when people heard the news, they trooped out massively. In actual fact, the turnout was not expected because it was on a Monday. It wasn’t my deeds but God’s manifestation and I thank God for what he has done for us in Oke – Eletu”.

Also speaking, the Asiwaju of Oke – Eletu, Pastor Fatai Ajalogun, who said that the Oke – Eletu has been facing several challenges, stated that there is need for everybody to come together for the development of the town.

“We have been having a lot of problems in Oke – Eletu, so we need to sit down and bring people together. We don’t have to see ourselves as enemies but to come together to make things right.

“Oke-Eletu is a big community with facilities. We can actually move from here to Gberigbe, Abule Eko and other communities in and around us. I know these because I was the Secretary of Ayanlu family and Oke – Eletu Development Committee and now, I am the Chairman of Oke – Eletu Reconciliatory Committee and Chairman of Oke – Eletu Development committee and also, the Asiwaju of Oke-Eletu.

While stating that so much is being expected from the new Baale, Pastor Ajalogun also added that the community head needs the support of everyone in bringing development to the town.

“We expect a lot from the Baale, but he cannot do it alone because he is a single individual. However, when we all come together, we can get to the promised land. I can assure you that in the next few years, we are going to have a reshape of Oke – Eletu. We are going to remodel it and people will have to restructure their properties”, Asiwaju Oke – Eletu said.

“A lot of development is being expected. Let me give you the blueprint of Oke – Eletu Developing Committee when Mr Benjamin Banjoko was the chairman. We did a composite plan and perimeter plan of Oke – Eletu. I know where we marked for General hospital; market; fire service; town hall; supermarket and hotel, but all these lands have been encroached upon by people.

“So, it is not going to be easy, but we believe that with God, all things are possible. We are going to surround him and give him support. Although, some won’t like to accept the reality of life, nevertheless, we will put the facts on the table for them. That is why we are exposed and educated. The allocated lands for projects that were encroached upon belong to the community.

“We are going to invite all the CDAs, all the market men and women and those that have sold land illegally and tell them that a new regime is on board and we will also roll out our plans to them which we believe they will embrace. Oke-Eletu needs to be restructured and re-branded. Oke-Eletu is no more a village, it is now a big town…”, Pastor Ajalogun added.

The Asiwaju of Oke – Eletu also commended the aggrieved branch of the family for not appealing the High Court judgment that pronounced High Chief Adeniyi Ajayi as the right to candidate for the title.

“The Baale is my brother and so are others from other parts of the family too, but you can’t pick two people to sit on the stool. I want to thank them for being magnanimous regarding their decision not to appeal the court judgement”, he said.

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