Oriwu Sun Publisher Unveils Book On Over 40 Years Experience In Journalism

Kunle Adelabu

After many years of expectations, the publisher of the foremost community newspaper in Nigeria, Oriwu Sun, Alhaji Monzor Kolawole Olowosago, has finally published and unveiled a book sshowcasing his practical experience in Journalism.

The book, ‘Practical Community Newspaper Reporting and Production’, is a hand – on practical experience of the veteran journalist and publisher, detailing the process of starting a community newspaper and sustaining it.

It was formally presented to the public at the Aquiilla Event Centre, Ikorodu on Thursday, February 2, 2023.

The book, which is edited by Ramson Acheme, a Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) trained journalist, has its foreword written by Prof. Ralph Akinfeleye, a foremost journalist teacher with the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

It’s a 120 page book with ten chapters dealing with issues like ‘Meaning and Concept of Community Journalism’, ‘Techniques of Community Journalism’, ‘Structure of a Community Newspaper Organisation’, ‘Strategies for Circulating and Marketing Community Newspaper’, ‘How To Start a Community Press: The Monzor Experience’, ‘Concept of Development and Community Journalism in Society’, Theories of Development Communication and Community Media, ‘Community Broadcasting’, ‘Community Journalism in Digital Era’ and ‘Future of Community Journalism in Nigeria’.

Presenting the book, Alhaji Olowosago, said that it covers his over 40 years journalism experience, 38 of which are in community practice.

The proud author said that the book is his long – lasting contribution to the journalism and humanity development.

“The second cardinal item of this event is the official unveiling of the long awaited book titled, “Practical Community Newspaper Reporting and Production”. The book, which encapsulates my over forty years in journalism practice and 38 years in community journalism publishing, presents novel details of the previously misunderstood sub-field of journalism”, he said.

“The book, to me, is a lasting legacy I will be leaving behind for students, scholars, journalists and concerned groups who want to practice or decide to study community journalism”, Alhaji Olowosago added.

“I am proud and honoured that after making so much landmarks and achievements in life, my name will echoe not only in Nigerian history of journalism, but also be mentioned all over the world.

“Today, my name is etched on the page of Wikipedia as one of the contributors to the journalism profession in Nigeria. A page is dedicated to the story of Monzor Dawodu Olowosago on this prominent social media platform where people read from every corner of the world. By the grace of God, I have contributed my quota to the development of humanity and have earned a spot in history. What more can I say?”, the author said proudly.

The Oriwu Sun publisher said that the book teaches practical lessons in community journalism practice which he said he achieved with best hands.

“I am pleased that the book I am presenting to the world teaches practical ways to build a community newspaper and sustaining it. The pragmatic approach offered in the book is unprecedented and laid foundation to this sub-field of journalism in Africa”, he said.

“I worked with the best hands to ensure a perfect gift for the society. Ramson Acheme, who works for me at the Oriwu Sun, happens to be a young scholar with passion for writing. Providence brought him to me when I was preparing to write the book and this young PhD candidate devoted time and resources to developing the manuscript.

“To be certain that I have a neat book, I subjected the script to peer review from a renowned professor of journalism, Professor Ralph Akinfeleye of the University of Lagos and the publishing was handled by the Lagos State Printing Corporation, Ikeja”, he said.

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