Why Not HOA?

By Abiodun (REX) Awosanya

Hammed Olalekan Aroyewun (HOA)

I hardly come out for politicians during electioneering period. This will be the first. However, I do aggressively come out against them when they eventually clinged the position and the expectations and needs of the people are not met. This has been part of me since 2003.

The reason for my careful personal style is because it is evidently believed that an average Nigerian politician vies for elective position to garner massive governmental resources for himself and family. Hence, I elected to not canvass for any of them. I always thought to myself, why wasting precious time coming out for them when political structure is built to follow that dangerous path? Meanwhile, when the expectation of the people are not met regarding what is expected of the elected or appointed politician, I join the people who come out to lend a voice in support of the people’s agitation.

Thus, I have met with several politicians within Ikorodu, of course, after their emergence, and not prior to it. I found that a few of them lack the understanding of the functions attached to their offices. Some of them gave me audience, others wave away the opportunity, not wanting to be challenged or engaged in developmental debate. I honestly understand their evasive posturing.

I can categorically state that the former commissioner for Education (Lagos), former Secretary to the State Government (Lagos), and Member, Governor Advisory Council (GAC), Lagos, who has being a father of many, Barr. Ruben Olorunfunmi Basorun has been the only person providing honest answers; hence I describe him as the Jagaban of Igbogbo, politically.

When the heat was high in 2017 after the Chairmanship election in Igbogbo-Baiyeku Local Council Development Area (IBLCDA) as to who becomes the next Secretary to the Local Government (SLG), I wrote a confidential letter to Barr. Olorunfunmi Basorun, to push for Hamed Olalekan Aroyewun (HOA), stating why it is pertinent to involve youth in such a high ranking position. I did this without knowing who the contenders are. In fact, HOA was never aware of this, and he might probably be smiling reading this. I met with Baba afterwards, and I was convinced.

This is 21st century. The expectation of the people are high because more people are not only schooled, but are enlightened and informed. It is expected that our representative in House of Assembly should at least be equipped with University degree, and have some experience of  public service workings. Also, our representative must be creators of ideas that will bring progress.

HOA has been a public servant for more than ten years with sound track records. In addition, HOA has an excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills. HOA is not new to the people of his constituency regarding his selfless  involvements in developmental programmes, especially those ones that concern the youths. Finally, HOA is highly personable and responsible. He is all about building trust and harmonious communal relationships. Even if you disagree with him, HOA would not cast you aside. What else?

I have known HOA for many years. In fact, I grew up knowing him. I believe strongly that he can do awesomely better than some elders wrongly assume. He has improved on himself over the years regarding his relationship with the youths and elderly. He has being around and to a very high degree, from his utterances and actions, he has been able to convince many that he can give qualitative service to the constituency.

To re-emphasize the aforementioned clarifications, our dear constituency II needs a representative who is ready to give what we lack for a very long time. Such a  representative must be a legislator with distinct character, ready to play a politics of social inclusion by involving all and sundry in decision making process. He must primarily sponsor bills that will secure our environment, bills that will affect positively the children and the elderly, women and the out-of-school youths.

Such a legislator must invest heavily in landslide constituency projects away from just buying and distributing GCE forms, JAMB forms, or building boreholes, but historic projects to serve young and old. Above all, even when we know nobody is an island of knowledge, such a representative must have a listening ears.

As well as proving himself to have the capacity in all ramifications, HOA has shown over the years through his actions that developing the grassroots is sacrosanct. With the people he has assembled and those I am sure he will still assemble, quality service and effective representation are guaranteed.

Why not HOA?

HOA will get the job done.

Abiodun (REX) Awosanya, writes from Igbogbo.

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