50 -Word Paragraphs In Praise Of Hon. Jimi Benson’s 50th Anniversary

By Waliu Adeyeri

A Reflection on JB’s Tactical Panacea to Nocturnal Crimes

… A Project Worthy of Emulation

Rep. Babajimi Benson on the floor of the Green Chamber.

In praise of an illustrious son of the soil, in our dialect we call him Omo Orunshen, one who has not failed to heed to the yearnings of his people. In Chinua Achebe’s word he is the “Man of the People”, he is none other than Hon.  Jimi Benson (JB).

Love him or Loathe him, Jimi Benson is an epitome of humanity, worthy of respect and emulation. According to the book of Nigerian Proverbs, when a masquerade dances well in the market square, we are all elated. Our excitement is propelled by his distinct ambassadorship not only the dance steps.

Beyond every reasonable doubt, Babajimi Benson has performed exceptionally to the amazement of all and sundry in Ikorodu and beyond. Among the series of projects accomplished is the tactical and timely project tagged “Light Up Ikorodu”. A project I nicknamed “Tactical Panacea to Nocturnal Crimes in Ikorodu Local Government Area”.

Every resident of Ikorodu, especially the resident on the red-zone areas of the community would relate with the reports of incessant attacks by louts, thieves, rapists cultists, and others. These sects of criminals mostly operate in the night, with their victims – usually residents and strangers held up in Lagos traffic.

This criminals deified every measures put in place by the State and local security outfits, although, they recorded massive success in the early establishment of the Onyabo Vigilante Group. However, it didn’t stop the recruiting and regrouping of these criminals. This affirms the opinion that eroding criminal may not require force.

According to the Yoruba saying: Bi oro ba kanke, to kan ile, o ni ibi ti a ma gbe si – When word/issue becomes too complex, we find an alternative to demystify it. Our own Jimi Benson embarked on an alternative solution to these lingering nocturnal crimes in Ikorodu Division.

The Project to Light up Ikorodu was borne. several popular joints, streets and corners of Ikorodu got lit up with solar-powered street lights. A tactical measure to keep the streets away from criminals who hide in the night to unleash mayhem on their victims. This may not totally eradicate crime.

It however reduces the rate of nocturnal crimes in these areas significantly. 7 o’ clock in the evening is the time, no one has the remote, the light comes up abruptly and goes on through the night till day break. The beauty of this project is that it beautifies the city.

Borrowing from the Yoruba proverb, ‘melo lafe ka ninu eyin Adipele’ – how many of the countless teeth of Adipele can we count? Talking about the countless achievements of Jimi Benson’s inimitable achievements can be compared to the counting of Adipele’ s teeth, which are not just enormous but solution-driven and important.

I will end this piece with a confession. I have no direct relationship with the Giant Hon. Jimi Benson, but I have felt and I am still feeling the impacts of his administration. Should our lips fail to wish you on this special day, our hearts will pray for you.

Happy Golden Jubilee Celebration to a man that projects the image of all and sundry in Ikorodu Federal Constituency. Happy 50th Nathal Anniversary to Hon. Babajimi Benson. Igba Odun, Odun kan ni ooo. It is my prayer that God continue to be with you and be your guide. Live Long Honourable!

Waliu Adeyeri writes from Ikorodu, Lagos.

+234 811 1236 196

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