A Call For Caution

By Primate Charles Odugbesi

Primate Charles Odugbesi, former State Secretary, APC.

Some political leaders in Ikorodu Local Government that  I know have done very well in the past and we admired them. When they talked, we take their speeches as decrees because they stood by what came out of their mouths. But at a time there came a change. The change started to degenerate until it now gets to worst situation.  Is it age that is diminishing their sense of reasoning or they got influenced by the devil, enemy of man.

 They now go to any length to manipulate events just to remain relevant as leaders. They want to maintain and retain the crowd that still attend meetings in their homes. The psuedo ovations they receive from these followers have blindfolded them that they fail to notice the daggers in some of the people’s smiles. In other to keep these people, they don’t care now to “kill” whoever is not in their camps to feed those who are in their camps.  They have forgotten that human beings shall always remain human beings. Most of those their followers today had followed some leaders before. What became of those yesteryears leaders.

A lion at its pride will walk majestically in the jungle, kill any animal when he is hungry. But the sight of the end of a lion, when it is old, in the hands of hyenas is always a pathetic sight.

 Those who love the leaders should tell them to thread softly now because the steep hill they are trying to climb now may consume them. A slip from that cliff could be disastrous.

I am an Aries, born to speak the bitter truth. I am used to people calling me names when I speak the truth, but I don’t care. I have the heavenly hosts fighting for me. Those of them who had tried to attack me, doing eye service, in the past can not tell the resultant effect of their eyes service and what they suffered in return.

Let the leaders know that there were leaders before them, they are the leaders today,  and there shall be leaders after them.  Whoever knows the song of one of our fathers in Ikorodu in those days during oro festival, Pa Bombata of blessed memory, when he sang,. E ro ‘gbehin wo, ki wen ma ma ro run e nu ro,. Ote mo se ni t’oba to. Eni e n’omo  nle ko w’ote se o. Ewen omode ulu me de s’ote o

There is still time for them to put their houses in order. They should play a fatherly role to every politician in this constituency. Jesus was not a foolish man to have left 99sheep in search of lost one. There is still time to make amends. They should not wait until they are attacked in public and be reduced to a nonentity in the public places.

I have come in peace.

Primate Charles Odugbesi,

Former State Secretary,

AC, ACN, APC, Lagos State.

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