Ijede People Turnout Massively To Support Matti’s Assembly Aspiration

Kunle Adelabu

– Aspirant says he’s bringing peace, unity and development

Mr Matti Olakunle Alliasau, aspirant for Lagos State House of Assembly seat in lkorodu Constituency ll addressing crowd of supporters at the venue of the rally on Sunday.

It was a rousing welcome for the aspirant for Lagos State House of Assembly seat in lkorodu Constituency ll, Mr Matti Olakunle Alliasau, as a massive crowd across the four Wards in Ijede Local Council Development Area (LCDA) in Ikorodu Division of Lagos State, Southwest, Nigeria, gathered on Sunday, March 20, 2022, to witness his formal declaration.

At the declaration rally were various Ward executives, members of the party, members  of the Alliasau Matti Movement (AMM), residents and family members.

Also in attendance were chieftains and members of the Development Platform, a social and developmental body in Ikorodu Division which the aspirant is its immediate past President. The group was led by its President, Engr. Abiodun Isikalu.

At the rally, Matti declared that he will use his mandate to promote peace, unity and development in Ijede LCDA and entire Ikorodu Constituency II in general.

He thanked party members and the entire Ijede people for their support for his aspiration so far while also charging them to keep believing in his mandate which he said will bring back the public trust in public office.

“This gathering is called to thank you for the support so far and seek for more in the coming weeks and months”, he said.

“It’s been a while that we have been helping, assisting and working for people to get into political offices. There are also records of our roles in politics and development of Ijede.

“It is God that wants to favour and reward us that allows the people of Ijede to stand by me.

“We are not gathering in vain because the entire Ijede people and beyond have assured us of their support and that’s the more reason you turned out massively today to show support for me.

“We are bringing peace and love to Ijede, and that’s why our agenda is centred  around promotion of unity, love and development”, he said.

“I want to use my position to create an enabling environment for Ijede and Ikorodu Constituency II in general, where we can work together collectively without division.

“I also want to bring back the love that was common then, when we all related and interacted as members of the same community; sharing everything together and celebrating festivities together in Ijede without knowing the son of who you are”.

He said that he will use public funds and his position to make constituents happy and ensure that the development in the constituency is advanced.

Mr Matti Olakunle Alliasau, aspirant for Lagos State House of Assembly seat in lkorodu Constituency ll arriving at the venue of the rally with his friends and large crowd.

“We want people to be happy and I am really surprised that you are happy coming here today to support me despite the fact that I don’t have money to give you yet”, Matti said.

“Our plan is to use public funds to make you happy by ensuring that projects that will bring more development are facilitated to Ikorodu Constituency II.

“It is your right to enjoy life and have access to good things like roads, social support, adequate health, quality education and security of lives and properties”.

He announced his social intervention programme for the elderly constituents who he said will be entitled to monthly stipends.

“As we are bringing development to Ijede and other parts of the Ikorodu Constituency II, we will also be mindful of taking care of our elderly people. It is very encouraging to see many of you here today to show support which you have been given since my aspiration was made known”, he pledged.

“I am happy that I did not lure you here with money but you are here on your own because you believe in what we are doing. There are some that use money to mobilise and at the end, won’t get this massive turnout.

“As a man that keeps to his words, I won’t make any promise that I will not fulfill. Today, I am going to be giving elders from 60 years and above stipends every month”, he pledged.

“This is part of our social intervention for our elders. This is not a favour to them but an expression of our love to those that had served the community and can no longer work. This is going to come from my own personal earnings, though, the government will have its own intervention  for them too.

“I appeal to everyone to support us so that we can together work towards the development of ljede. We all must work together to prevent this opportunity from slipping away from us”.

Matti, who said that he has good knowledge of what the constituency and its people need, said that his focus will be to facilitate developments to every part of Ikorodu Constituency II.

The aspirant charged party members and residents to mobilise others for his cause while also enjoining them to get their PVC.

Matti with crowd of his supporters.

“I understand Ijede, Ikorodu Constituency II and Ikorodu Division very well and what the needs of each section are and which I am prepared to tackle. I have been in the grassroots for long and understand its dynamism”, he said.

“I do not need anybody to tell me that we need to connect the Igbogbo to Gintin road which is under construction to link Area N in Ijede from Igbe Laara. Government will do it for us because we will be in a position to influence it”, he assured.

“For all these to be possible, I need your massive support to win the primary election of our great party to become the candidate.

“Since you have said that it’s me that you want to represent you, I charge that you should all mobilise others to vote for me during the primary election of our great party”, he charged them.

“It is also important that you get your Permanent Voters’ Card (PVC) which is going to be used in voting at the general elections.

“Leaders of our party will be given you more details concerning the party’s guidelines and process for registration/revalidation of your PVC from time- to – time”, he said.

Mr Salu Nosiru described Matti as a trustworthy and honest man who has been supporting people over the years.

“Comrade Kunle Matti is an uncommon person. Many of you must have forgotten about one of his ways in supporting people but I do not.

“He normally shares provisions to elderly people during Ramadan to support them in breaking their fast. He usually extends same to some of us that are his brothers and friends.

“He has proven to be a compassionate person who will care for the people when he gets into government.

“This large turnout is a result of his good deeds which he has been doing. People are simply showing love for his good deeds”.

He charged party people and residents to compliment Matti’s efforts by mobilising for him to win the party’s primary and get their PVC which they are going to use in voting at the general elections.

Engr. Abiodun Isikalu, President, Developmental Platform (DP), Comarde Kazeem Sowemimo, Alhaji Afeez Odesanya and other members of the DP at the rally to show support for Matti.

Comrade Kazeem Sowemimo, a chieftain of Development Platform and prominent figure in APC, while speaking on behalf of the aspirant’s friends, congratulated Ijede people for the choice of Matti to represent them.

He described him as a dependable person and someone with good character that can be entrusted with a position of responsibilities. He called for support for him.

Sowemimo asked the people of Ijede not to accept anything short of their own shot at the Assembly and should not allow anybody to deceive them.

“They have done the first and second term, there is nothing like the third term. The position was arranged to go round the constituency and that must be respected”, he said.

“They are saying that they should still be allowed to go for the third term for some reasons but it’s a lie. It is the turn of Ijede”.

Cross section of party members and residents at the rally.

Hon. Wasiu Adio, a former Vice Chairman, Ikorodu West LCDA who also attended the rally to show support for Matti, also charged Ijede people to stand firm and insist on their turn for the Assembly seat.

He also called for support for Matti, describing him as a trustworthy person with capacity to deliver.

Others that spoke at the gathering also called for support for Matti.

Mr Taiwo Odumbo, a community leader, Mr Ohunomojusi and other members of the Development Platform with Matti at the rally on Sunday.
Another section of party members at the rally.

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