NASFAT Honours Rep. Benson With Special Prayer, Commends Representation

Kunle Adelabu

Imam Misbaudeen Olawale Muali (3rd left) leading the special prayer for Rep. Babajimi Adegoke Benson, the representative of the Ikorodu Federal Constituency (right) at the NASFAT Islamic Centre in Ikorodu on Sunday. With them, Alhaji Mikhail Longe, Chairman, NASFAT, ikorodu branch (3rd right) and other chieftains.

It was another day of honour for the Representative of the Ikorodu Federal Constituency, Rep. Babajimi Adegoke Benson, as the Nasrul – Lahi – il – Fatih Society (NASFAT), Ikorodu branch, held a prayer session for him in commemoration of his golden jubilee birthday.

Islamic clerics and guests at the ceremony also used the occasion to commend the lawmaker for his quality representation.

The well – attended prayer session, took place at the NASFAT Islamic Centre, Akasoleri along Ikorodu – ltoikin road, Ikorodu,  on Sunday, March 20, 2022, and was tagged, “Honouring An Achiever”.

The Chairman of the branch, Alhaji Mikhail Longe, setting the agenda for the special prayer, said that the Islamic organization, which was established 21 years ago in Ikorodu, is praying and celebrating with Rep. Benson.

 “The society is 27 years and our dear branch is 21 years after inauguration with vision statement, ‘to be a pacesetting lslamic organization with widespread acceptance within and outside Nigeria.

“Indeed, today’s programme has confirmed that the society is a pacesetting society, by  hosting this kind of programme. The branch has been organizing special prayers for special and honoured illustrious sons and daughters of Ikorodu.

Rep. Babajimi Adegoke Benson, the representative of the Ikorodu Federal Constituency during the special prayer for his golden jubilee anniversary by the NASFAT, Ikorodu branch on Sunday.
The Grand Chief Imam of Ikorodu Division, Alhaji Sefiudeen Ademoritan Olowo – Oribi (standing right(, delivering a special sermon at the special prayer for Rep. Benson. With him are Prince Adekunle Oduborisha, President, Oriwu Club and Rep. Babajimi Benson and other Islamic clerics.

“Today’s programme is thoughtful and on point to celebrate Honourable Babajimi Benson for his landmark achievements in Ikorodu Division. Your contributions cannot be over emphasized and the aim of the programme is to pray with Honourable Babajimi Benson, celebrate with him as he clocks 50 years on earth and pray for our community and the country at large”, Alhaji Longe said.

Imam Misbaudeen Olawale Muali who led the special prayer, described Rep. Benson as an outstanding representative who is doing what has never been done before.

While describing him as an angel, the cleric added Abdul – Jubril to the lawmaker’s name, to the admiration of the cheering congregation.

“Hon. Benson is not the first to represent Ikorodu since we have been electing people into the Senate or House of Representatives in Ikorodu, but what he is doing is even more than what some governors are doing in their states”, Imam Muali said.

He charged the honoree to continue in the manner he has been representing his people and as directed by God.

Imam Misbaudeen Olawale Muali, who led the special prayer session with Rep. Benson.

He also prayed for a long life for him and also said that the lawmaker will reach the peak of his political career.

Prince Adekunle Oduborisha, who  was the chairman of the occasion, said that he was pleased to attend the special prayer in honour of Rep. Benson whom he said deserves all the accolades and commendations coming his way.

“We are gathered here to give honour to who deserve it. We are praying for our son Babajimi Benson”, he said.

“He has been developing every part of the Ikorodu Division. He has started his developmental stride prior to the construction of the Igbe road which he facilitated. Igbe road just seems to be the longest of all the roads that he has facilitated. It is a 2.1km road”.

“Since then, he has facilitated many more projects. Babajimi Benson is a trailblazer.

“Someone that facilitated the construction of roads that millions of people are now using deserves our commendation. Let me use my own area, Igbe, as an example, many people that were not plying the road before are now making use of it.

Hon. Nurudeen Solaja, Member, Lagos State House of Assembly, Imam Misbaudeen Olawale Muali, Alhaji Sefiudeen Ademoritan Olowo – Oribi, Grand Chief Imam of Ikorodu Division and Prince Adekunle Oduborisha, President, Oriwu Club at the special birthday prayer for Rep. Babajimi Benson at the NASFAT Islamic Centre in Ikorodu on Sunday.

“About three weeks ago, he flagged – off about eleven different roads in Eyita and construction works have already started on the roads”.

Prince Oduborisha, while stating that Islam doesn’t discriminate, said that he was attending the event as the President of the Ikorodu Club and on his personal invitation .

“Jimi Benson has laid an unbreakable foundation in governance. Do not be surprised that I am here today to join you in celebrating him. This has shown that we don’t discriminate in Islam”, he said.

 “I am here today as the President of Oriwu Club and as someone that has been invited personally and I am pleased to honour you today because you are an honourable son who is also deserving of our prayers.

“He is a person that deserves everything that is good. This is not about party, but development of our community which is very paramount to me. It is Ikorodu, Yoruba and Southwest as number one priority. I don’t play a blind – folded politics”, he emphasized.

Rep. Benson addressing the congregation.

The Grand Chief Imam of Ikorodu Division, Alhaji Sefiudeen Ademoritan Olowo – Oribi, who delivered a special sermon, said that Hon. Benson is a godsent to lkorodu division and commended him for his impactful representation.

He described him as a worthy example that other politicians and leaders should emulate in making desired impact on the people and humanity.

Rep Babajimi Benson, while appreciating NASFAT, said that he never expected such gathering with eminent personalities praying for him.

“I thank you all for attending this special event. I never expected that this kind of crowd would gather for me or that eminent people in Islamic organization would be here today to pray for me. I am very happy for this.

“I thank you all for deeming it fit to pray for me. There is nothing greater in life than people gathering to pray for you. I am happy and I pray that your own prayer will come to fruition over your own family. Your children too will become people that we will be gathering to pray for.

Hon. Fathiu Salisu, former Chairman, Ijede LCDA, Hon. Ameen Apanisile, Vice Chairman, Ikorodu North LCDA, Alhaji Mikhail Longe, Chairman, NASFAT, ikorodu branch and other guests ion group photograph with Rep. Benson.
Hon. Wasiu Agoro, Chairman, Imota LCDA (left), Hon. Motunrayo Gbadebo – Alogba, Chairman, Ijede LCDA and other council chairmen with Rep. Babajimi Benson (middle).
Alhaji Mikhail Longe, Chairman, NASFAT, ikorodu branch, Alhaji Monzor Olowoshage, Publisher, Oriwu Sun Newspaper and Imam Misbaudeen Olawale Muali.

“I am very happy and deeply  honoured”, he said humbly.

Rep. Benson, who sang some Islamic songs during his speech, said that he always live a life of contentment and does not engage in overreaching politics while responding to prayers that he will be governor of the state.

“Regarding people’s prayer that I will be the governor, I always live a life of contentment. I always accept whatever God has provided for me and not overreach. That is how I have been trained”.

Also at the special prayer were Hon. Nurudeen Solaja, Member, Lagos State House of Assembly, Alhaji Monzor Olowoshago, Publisher, Oriwu Sun Newspaper, Alhaji Olawale Amusa, Proprietor, HOMAT Group of Schools, Alhaji Kudirat Lamina, the Proprietor, Lateef Lamina Memorial Schools and highly respectable community leader, Hon. Wasiu Agoro, Chairman, Imota Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Hon. Motunrayo Gbadebo – Alogba, Chairman, Ijede LCDA, Hon. Sesan Daini, Chairman, Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA, Hon. Adeola Banjo, Chairman, Ikorodu North LCDA, Hon. Apanisile, Vice Chairman, Ikorodu North LCDA, Mayor Muhydeen Sanwoola, Director – General, iCare Foundation, Mr Kunle Olambiwoninu, former Secretary to the Ijede LCDA, Barr. Hadey Ayeni, former Secretary to the Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA and host of many others.

Alhaja Kudirat Lamina and other women in group photograph with Rep. Babajimi Benson
Members of the NASFAT, Ikorodu
Cross section of women during the special prayer

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