Ikorodu West Chairman Clarifies Issues Surrounding Abandoned Vocational Centre, Public Toilet

Kunle Adelabu

Hon. Sulaimon Kazeem Olanrewaju, Chairman, Ikorodu West Local Council Development Area (LCDA)

The Chairman of the Ikorodu West Local Council Development Area, Hon. Sulaimon Kazeem Olanrewaju, has clarified controversies surrounding the abandoned Vocational Centre and public toilet which are located in Ipakodo and owned by the council.

He made the clarification in a chat with THE IMPACT after the administrator of the Ikorodu Ambassador, Mr Adedeji Fatuga, posted a chat on THE IMPACT WhatsApp platform which he said was sent to him by an anonymous alleging that the current administration in the council has given the public toilet facility to a contractor to be converted to shops.

The anonymous also alleged that the administration of Hon. Sulaimon has also awarded the Vocational Centre, also in Ipakodo, for conversion into a shopping complex.

Speaking on the vocational centre, the Council Chairman said:

“On the vocational center, it wasn’t my regime that awarded it but my predecessor at the same time.I made enquiry immediately I resumed, what the Council Manager told me was that the vocational centre remains a vocational centre. The contractor will only add value by adding an event centre where caterering students will use for practical purposes. There will be WAPA’s office there too. That is the agreement they had with the contractor”, Hon. Sulaimon clarified.

On the allegations that the public toilet facility in Ipakodo has been contracted out to be turned into shops, the Chairman also debunked the allegations stating that:

“This (public toilet) has been awarded during the time of Late Atoloye to a contractor over 15 years or thereafter. When I resumed, the contractor accused the council that since the place has been awarded to them, the council has not deemed it fit to handover the place to them so that they can reconstruct the toilet to a modern one and add value to the place which is presently constituting a nuisance.

“Sekumade of Ipakodo called me in this respect and told me to make sure that the place looked  into because the location is now in the heart of Ipakodo Kingdom”.

“We have two facilities where the public toilet is located. On one side is a public toilet while there is a dump site on the other side but now, the dumpsite cannot be sited in that place in this present day. it is outdated. The contractor will erect a modern toilet and office complex that will befit Ipakodo Kingdom as a city”, he added.

The chartered accountant turned Council boss also expressed his displeasure at the people using social media spaces to make unfounded allegations without finding the truth.

He charged that the concerned residents should endeavour to do proper findings before coming to the public to raise such issues.

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