We Want Council, Public Support For Successful Outing In Kebbi, Sustenance Of The Team – Management, Igbogbo Beach Soccer Team

Kunle Adelabu

Mr Tolu Faniyi, manager of Igbogbo Beach Soccer Club (right), Mr Gbenga Odunniyi, President, Igbogbo Youth Coalition (IYC) (middle) and Mr Demola Ogunlewe, another manger of the team (left) during the tour of the ongoing construction of a special beach soccer pitch in Igbogbo.

The management of the Igbogbo Beach Soccer Team (Adeboruwa Boys) has appealed to the Igbogbo/Bayeku Local Council Development Area, groups and the generality of people of Ikorodu Division to come to the aid of the club towards a successful outing in the next phase of the National Beach League.

About twenty members of the team are expected to join their counterparts from other states and clubs for  the second phase of the National league starting on May 11 in Kebbi State with clinics and workshops.

The management of the team said that support has not been forthcoming, while stating that there is need for immediate assistance from the public in term of funding for transport fare, feeding, accommodation and other logistics for the team to survive and succeed in Kebbi.

For future sustenance, the team is partnering with the Igbogbo Youth Coalition (IYC) towards putting in place a structure and making the beach team a brand which can be owned by the general public.

Managers of the team and the President of the Igbogbo Youth Coalition (IYC) spoke with THE IMPACT reporter during the tour of the ongoing construction of beach soccer pitch.

Mr Tolu Faniyi, one of the team’s managers and the President of De Vanguard, Igbogbo, appealed to the members of the public that have made pledges, to endeavor to fulfill them  to enable the team have proper planning  and preparations in good time.

“We have been sustaining the team with donations from some individuals and from our own personal contributions”, he told THE IMPACT in a chat.

“The truth of the matter now is that the support is not forthcoming. It has not been encouraging as expected and we need more support to have a successful outing at the second phase of the league.

“We have received a lot of promises from individuals and we hope that they will be fulfilled before we go for the second phase”.

While thanking the Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA for giving some money to the team for its participation in the first phase of the league, Faniyi also reminded the council chairman that the team is awaiting his pledge for proper planning.

Members of the management and players of the Igbogbo Beach Soccer Club during a session training at the weekend.

“Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA gave the team a stipend for its efforts in the first phase in Lagos when the team was presented to the chairman and the team appreciated that gesture.

“The chairman also promised to do more and we hope and pray that he will do so in good time because the time for our departure for the game is fast approaching”, he pleaded.

He, however, assured residents of Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA and Ikorodu Division in general that the boys are mentally prepared to give their best in Kebbi and secured maximum 9 points available in the next round of matches.

“In the next phase, we hope and expect 9 points. The players are motivated despite the challenges.

In securing the future of the team, Faniyi said:

“We want the lgbogbo beach soccer club to be publicly owned.

“Right now, we are putting in place necessary structure to have a brand that will be appealing to the public and make them buy into it.

“We want to establish an appealing brand which the public can buy into inform of shares  so that we don’t have to keep going to some people with cap in hand to beg for money”, he told our reporter.

Another key member of the team’s management, Mr Ademola Ogunlewe (Oruma), gave insight into how the team has been preparing for the next phase of the National league since they return from the first stage played in Lagos.

“The next phase of the league is technically starting on May 11th when we are expected to attend a 2-day clinic but the league proper is starting on May 13th and we need to move before that day”, he said.

“Since we returned from the first phase, we have been improvising by looking for a surface with sand to train the players since we don’t have a beach in Igbogbo. That’s how we have been sustain the team.

“Also, we have been having training for those things that we don’t know such as technical aspects, the rules of the game and and practical aspects of the game.

“Mr Jelili Ogunmuyiwa, a FIFA badged Beach Soccer Referee, has been of immense help in this regard”, he added.

“We have been making use of a projector for virtual training at the pavilion inside the Adeboruwa palace.

“We have been combining both physical and virtual training to make our guys much more prepared than we were in the first phase”.

Also soliciting for the public support, Ogunlewe said that the team needs to start concluding its plans and prepare to travel to Kebbi.

“Right now, we need all the support that we can get. The team needs to start concluding its plans and make arrangements for travelling. We need to coordinate our plans so that things can work well for the team in Kebbi.

“We are expecting a lot from the council and individuals and we want this to come quickly. We need to start arrangements for travelling, accommodations and others”.

He also assured of a successful outing in Kebbi, while also revealing some of the team’s plans to further keep the players in shape for the league matches.

“The community should be expecting absolute best from the team. They are in good mental shape.

“Since Igbogbo is part of Ikorodu division in Lagos state, we are trying to involve some guys in other parts of the Division to fortify the team.

“Our intention is to have a better team and good outing in Kebbi State no matter the challenges that we are currently facing.

“We are planning two friendly matches this week to further make the team competition ready”, he said.

The President of Igbogbo Youth Coalition (IYC), M Gbenga Odunniyi, who also spoke during the tour of the ongoing construction of the Igbogbo Baech Soccer Stadium, also called for maximum support for the team in Kebbi and its future sustenance.

“As you know that Igbogbo Youth Coalition (IYC) is not a revenue generating body but in terms of support for our beach soccer team, we have initiated a partnership with the team to engage people and make them support and buy into it”, he said.

“But we are taking our time to look into the arrangement by creating a structure that would last for a long time. We want people to take community ownership of the team.

“While we are planning towards that, the team, right now, needs funding to participate in the next stage of the National league in Kebbi this month. To cater for the team, they need funding for transportation, feeding, accommodation and logistics.

“We need people to give the team support now. The team will be needing nothing less than N1.5million in my  rough estimate” he said.

“We need individuals and groups to give their support to the team’s league matches in Kebbi”.

The IYC President said that he is expecting nothing short of maximum support from the Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA for the team.

“The council should be the number one body to take ownership of the team and I don’t expect anything less than full support for the team in terms of finance and other areas.

“Supports from the council and individuals will go a long way in making this club a brand and project for this community.

Speaking on the plans to make the team publicly owned, Mr Odunniyi said:

“As you know that Igbogbo Youth Coalition (IYC) is not a revenue generating body, but in terms of support for our beach soccer team, we have initiated a partnership with the team to engage people and make them support and buy into it.

“But we are taking our time to look into the arrangement by creating a structure. We want people to talk community ownership of the team

“Individually, our members have been extending their support to the team and we still plan to do more as a body”, he said.

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