Hon. Olosugbo Writes Party, Seeks Support For Ikorodu LG Chairmanship Aspiration

Kunle Adelabu

Hon. Azeez Jimoh Olosugbo, Ikorodu LG Chairmanship aspirant.

A former Council Leader of the Ikorodu Local Government Legislative Arm, Hon. Azeez Abiodun Jimoh Olosugbo, has further proven his seriousness to contest for the number one position in the Council by writing his party, All Progressives Party (APC), about his aspiration.

In his letter titled, “Declaration of my Intention and Seeking For Your Support”, Olosugbo said that he has resolved within himself to contest for the position, adding that he has also consulted families, friends and political leaders and other stakeholders over his aspiration.

“Having resolved within myself, my immediate family and also, after wide consultations with my political family and stakeholders of our great party, All Progressives Congress (APC), I, hereby, with a sense of duty and responsibility,  communicate my  resolve to offer myself to serve as  the Chairman of Ikorodu Local Government”, he declared.

He also sought the support of the party leadership and other stakeholders whom he said he’s conscious of their “contributions, influence and standings as effective political leaders and as important social- economic factor within and outside this great party on which platform  I seek to get the political  mandate”.

The popular young politician said that he is seeking to manage Ikorodu LG because the council “Needs, more than ever before, a trusted, experienced, pragmatic and proactive manager  of human and material resources  capable of  rediscovering our greatness by  maximizing her potentials and instituting a culture of sustainable growth that would eventually lead to enduring development with positive impacts on the generality of our people”.

“This my resolve becomes necessary because it is geared towards rescuing our dear Council and placing it on the path to greatness”.

He said that his aspiration is aimed at using his experience and knowledge acquired through the huge investment that his party and the generality of the lkorodu community has made on him through elective and appointive capacities.

“As a young man that is cognizant of the huge investment our party and the generality of lkorodu people have vested in him, I deem it an appropriate time to give back and put to use the knowledge, talent and experience acquired over the years, at the service of my people”, he said.

“Therefore, I am offering myself to take our council to greater heights. We are great people with great destiny.

“I have had the privilege of serving this Local Government Council as Leader of the Legislative Arm for two consecutive terms and afterwards, I became an entrepreneur of good standing. I am, therefore, not coming from nowhere but yielding to my better informed instinct and stronger zeal to contribute more to the greatness of my local Government at this very auspicious time that demands a  revamp”.

 Hon. Olosugbo also gave insight into his agenda if elected as the next Chairman of Ikorodu LG.

“Ikorodu is so populated now and as such, blessed with Internal Generated Revenue (IGR) potentials that should work in our favour year –  in – year – out. More so, our security architecture needs total overhauling while the multifaceted talents of our highly conscious youths demands urgent engagement for positive re-branding of Ikorodu Local Government.

“The foregoing are my dream for a greater Ikorodu which I am sure also form part of your bigger dreams, hence, the need for collaboration of dreams, for which I am seeking for your approval and  support for my aspiration which is not an  ambition  merely to occupy a political  office but a strong will for selfless service to the people and to an indigenous Local Government”.

The former Leader of the Ikorodu LG Legislative Arm assured the party leadership, stakeholders and the generality of the people of lkorodu that his aspiration will be backed up with action through practical delivery of services to his party, APC,  and the generality of Ikorodu people.

“Through this letter, I am communicating the sincere intentions of my aspiration, aimed at rediscovering our collective dreams and ensuring there realization. I have no doubt that you will have a positive disposition towards my aspiration and encourage me.

“On my part, I shall, as a youth conscious of his family name and future, live up to my words and backs it up with action through practical performance i.e. ensuring that our great party’s manifestos are actualized at the council level and also put in place an enduring and sustainable council programmes for the people with credible advice of party leaders”, he said.

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