Land Use Charge: LASG Announces 50% Reduction

 -Introduces installment payment
-Cancels penalty for late payment
Commissioner for Finance, Mr. Akinyemi Ashade (middle); his counterparts for Information and Strategy, Mr. Kehinde Bamigbetan (2nd right); Waterfront Infrastructure Development, Dr. Samuel Adejare (right); Attorney General & Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Adeniji Kazeem (2nd left) and Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Lagos Global, Prof. Ademola Abass (left) during a media briefing on the reduction of the Land Use Charge at the Bagauda Kaltho Press Centre, the Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja, on Thursday, March 15, 2018.
In line with the administration’s tradition of inclusive governance and
civic engagement, the Lagos State Government on Thursday, March 15
announced the downward review of the amended Land Use Charge Law 2018 to
50% for commercial property as well as other LUC waivers that will give
economic succour to owners of property and taxpayers in Lagos State.
This announcement was made by the Lagos State Commissioner for Finance,
Mr. Akinyemi Ashade during a Press Conference held at the Baguda Kaltho
Press Centre, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos attended by members of the media in
the state and other relevant stakeholders.
Mr. Ashade stated that the review to the amended LUC Law 2018 which was
received with mixed feelings in the state came as a result of widespread
dialogue with stakeholders such as the Organised Private Sector, Nigeria
Bar Association, Real Estate Investors & Developers, Landlord & Resident
Associations, Community Development Associations, Civil Society
Organizations, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industries (LCCI), Nigeria
Institute of Estate Surveyors & Valuers and several other professional
“As a Government that is committed to the welfare of its citizens and
which understands the importance of continuously engaging the populace,
the Lagos State Government took this important decision for the good of
the people”.
The after effect of the review of the amended LUC law means owners of
property in Lagos State can now reap the benefits and waivers as
COMMERCIAL PROPERTY OWNERS, who are undoubtedly the stakeholders mostly
impacted by this amended Law will be granted 50% discount. This means a
commercial property valued at N20 million which was earlier billed N91,
200 will now pay N45,600 per annum.
INDUSTRIAL AND MANUFACTURING PURPOSES will now enjoy 25% discount. This
means that a N20 million property expected to pay N30,720 will now pay
N23,040 per annum.
OWNER-OCCUPIED PROPERTY will enjoy 15% discount. For a N20 million
property, this used to be N9,120. Now, it is N7,752 per annum.
Additionally, the penalty regime for late payment of LUC has been waived
completely. Therefore, LUC payers who have received their bills will no
longer be penalized for late payment of bills issued in 2018, thereby
providing additional relief to LUC payers.
Apart from the earlier stated ones, other rates and reliefs will remain
unchanged and will be implemented as stipulated by the Law. These
include 40% general relief, 10% for 70 years and above, 10% for
properties owned by persons living with disability and 10% for
properties that are 25 years old and so on and so forth. Owners of
Property across all categories will now be allowed to make payments by
instalments. This will help to reduce the burden of taxation on Lagos
The Executive Director of Centre for Public Accountability (CPA),
Comrade Femi Lawson who was elated at the new LUC review praised the
administration of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode for its empathy with the
people of the state. “This review shows a government that shares in the
pain and concerns of the citizens of this state. Not only did they
listen to our agitations but also LASG took action to allay our fears
and worries by bringing the LUC rates down and introducing some other
tax burden relief measures. This is surely a pro-people government.”
Similarly, Mr. Thomas Aderinola, a real estate investor in Lagos State,
said the downward review of the amended LUC law by as much as 50% was a
reassuring indication that the LASG is a listening government. “Imagine
this huge waiver of 50%. It shows that the state government is sensitive
to needs and is working for the interest of the people. We all can see
what Governor Ambode is doing in the state in terms of Infrastructural
More importantly, Aderinola applauded the government for introducing
some other waivers like instalmental payment and the newly set up
People’s Tribunal to resolve LUC payment cases in the state. “With
developments like these, we will be happy to show our commitment to the
growth of Lagos by paying our taxes as at when due”
Furthermore, the Commissioner of Finance appreciated and commended
property owners of all categories who have been performing their civic
duties faithfully by paying the LUC.
“Consequently, as a result of these new measures, those who have paid
the original amount will be awarded tax credits to the extent of the
excess amount paid and carried forward to next year”.
The Government also thanked Lagosians for their support and trust while
encouraging them to participate effectively in the legislative
“We appreciate you for trusting the current administration with the
responsibility of investing the revenue from LUC in infrastructure
renewal and overall development of our State. We promise we will
continue to make your tax work for you”

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