2019: Ikorodu Residents Urge Otunba Abiru, Hon. Agunbiade To Declare For Senate

-Hon. Agunbiade is our best bet at state level come 2019, says aide, others

Kunle ADELABU and Wale JAGUN

Otunba Ganiyu Abiru, Chairman, Ikorodu-Oga Development Association (IKODASS)


In their quests to position Ikorodu for a favourable bargaining in 2019, residents of Ikorodu have  urged two notable sons of the soil, Otunba Ganiyu Abiru, the Chairman, Ikorodu-Oga Development Association (IKODASS) and Hon. Sanai Agunbiade, the Majority Leader and the incumbent representative of lkorodu Constituency l in the Lagos State House of Assembly, to declare for the Senate.


This was the position of residents of the Ikorodu division comprising of one Local Government (LG) and five Local Council development Areas (LCDAs) on THE IMPACT whatsApp platform during a discussion on positioning Ikorodu for 2019.


The discussion was also extended to other platforms such as #NotTooYoungToRun among others.


There have been raging controversies regarding the absence of Ikorodu politicians among those vying for a seat in the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly.


The clamour for Otunba Abiru to enter the murky water of Ikorodu politics is borne out of many factors. Many proponents recalled his performance during the short period he served as the Executive Secretary of the Ikorodu Local Government when he embarked on many developmental projects compared to his predecessors and successors.


He is also said to be favoured because of his mentorship and supportive roles for the youths of Ikorodu.


Lastly, his outstanding leadership role as the Chairman of the Ikorodu-Oga Development Association (IKODASS), a position he is currently occupying, is another reason for the clamour.


Against all odds, he has introduced many laudable programmes and he’s passionate about positioning Ikorodu Division among the comity of other communities.


Otunba Abiru has been able to restructure IKODASS in a way that has brought back the interests of many residents who had lost faith in the organization; he has been able to make the yearly Ikorodu-Oga Carnival a festival-like celebration which has helped in showcasing its tourism potentials; organized the first-ever Ikorodu Economic Summit and has succeeded in enlisting Ikorodu-Oga Carnival in the tourism calendar of the Lagos State government among others. All these were achieved within a year in office.


Olalekan Biliamin, a young online publisher, reignited the discussion recently when he challenged Otunba Abiru to take up the political leadership position in the division.


“And as regards who is going to lead the new era ideology, for me, Otunba Abiru got my yes nod considering the convincing rebranding he championed for IKODASS. If he can champion this cause, other progressives will follow suit.”

Ibraheem Alani Onibudo, a Canada-based resident who always contribute to the developmental campaign of the division, in his own reaction stated:

“If the youths are going to embark on this uphill but very achievable task of merging actions with resolutions from talk shops, a very reliable and brilliant personality like Otunba Abiru is required to lead.


“With what Otunba Abiru has achieved so far through IKODASS chairmanship alone, can he not be pushed to the Senate? I want to be corrected if it would be wrong to say that he has demonstrated that his capabilities are far beyond his current capacity as IKODASS chairman”, Onibudo asked.

“I know he will declined, but we need to make him see that this is not just about him. It’s about a collective benefit to us all. Let’s picture him as a Senator and imagine how much impact he would make in that capacity. Without doubts, the Lagos East Senatorial seat needs a very responsive person like him”, Onibudo added.

Monday Ohi Obadan, another social media activist stated:

“Endorsed! Otunba Abiru has shown consistent character through his pedigree… But he seem to decline so may I require him to endorse someone and be a ‘baba isale’ ( God father) for guidance and direction. He should be a real leader indeed from the rear.”

Hon. Sanai Agunbiade, the Majority Leader, Lagos State House of Assembly

In the same vein, some have over time prevailed on Hon. Agunbiade to declare interest in the Senatorial position, while many others are of the view that he woild better serve the state and Ikorodu division in particular if he’s allowed to go back to the Lagos State House of Assembly for the fourth time.


Proponents of the former position based their arguments on the fact that he had served creditably well for three terms and it’s time for him to go to the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly where his wealth of experience would be put into better use for Lagos and the country as a whole.


Majority of these proponents were members of the Ikorodu branch of #NotTooYoungToRun, who are interested in ensuring that the youths occupy some political positions in the division.


Monday Ohi Obadan supporting the Hon. Agunbiade for Senate campaign stated:


“Yeah!! Our Majority Leader is qualified for the exalted seat in the Senate by the political establishment…”

Gbagba Qudus, President of the Organization of Party Entertainers of Nigeria ( OPEN) while also contributing to the discourse on THE IMPACT whatsap platform stated: “Our amiable Majority Leader should be warming up for the Senate, the Upper  House in the National Assembly.”

While those that still want the Lawmaker, who was adjudged as the Best Lawmaker in the State Assembly for 2014, 2015 and 2016, to return to the State Assembly in 2019, premised their arguments on many factors.

To them, Hon. Agunbiade, if allowed to go back to the State Assembly for the fourth term, would be at an advantage position to get higher position in the 9th Assembly.


The proponents of this position are of the opinion that since virtually every top political position holder in the State, both in the executive and legislative arms of  government, would be returning and there is high possibility that they would be retaining their existing positions, it would be wrong for Ikorodu not to return Hon. Agunbiade to, at least, enable him to maintain the position of the Majority Leader which he currently occupies.


It was also argued that the lawmaker, being the best in the State, should not be allowed to run for any other office except the the State Assembly in 2019  to enable him use his wealth of experience in stabilizing the State Assembly as well as mentor and groom young and new lawmakers.


Aroyewun Adeleke, a student activist, while supporting Hon. Aguniade’s re-election  for the State Assembly for the 4th term stated :

“The lawmaker has been representing us very well . In the last one year, he has instituted laudable programmes like Asa festival, Health Insurance Scheme for over 1000 residents, Best Brain Contest among school children and now commercial bus empowerment for the youths.He steadily keeps up the impressive performance even in his third term, why then do we want to forcefully drive him to Senate when he insists on serving his people directly? Is he delivering? Yes,  then leave him where he is”, he emphasized.

Arinola Okeowo, a broadcaster and property agent, in her own contribution cited the example of Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, who was recently endorsed by his people to return to the Assembly for the 5th term and enjoined Ikorodu electorate to do same for Hon. Agunbiade.

“Hon. Obasa was proudly endorsed by the people of Agege.They are aware of  what another term will bring to them and are definitely not taking that for granted. Ikorodu people should endaevour to return Hon Agunbiade because there are many benefits for the division if he is returned for the fourth term.”

Mr Olalekan Pelumi, a community security expert, was of the opinion that Hon. Agunbiade should be allowed like others to contest for the position of his choice, while also enjoining the decision makers to toe the part of Agege residents who have endorsed Hon. Obasa for the fifth term.

“Hon. Agunbiade is not preventing anybody from contesting. Anybody willing to contest should show interest and canvass for votes rather than blackmailing him to go to the Senate”, Pelumi stated.


“Ikorodu should stick with Hon. Agunbiade because he’s our best bet if we are to occupy any position of reckoning come 2019. Agege people were able to see this and that is why they are still sticking with the Speaker , while Lagos Island are also returning their representative for the Deputy Speaker posotion”, he explained.

Though, Otunba Abiru has consistently refused the offer but THE IMPACT gathered that some youths are mobilizing to stage a sustained campaign to dragged him into the contest.

We also gathered from a reliable source that Hon. Agunbiade is interested in going back to the State Assembly to sustain the tradition of excellence and also to ensure that Ikorodu is adequately represented in the scheme of things come 2019.

The source, who is very close to the lawmaker who is also known as ‘Opomulero’ (Pillar) of Ikorodu Kingdom,  stated that the performing lawmaker would made his intention known to the public soon in a very organized way and manner.

He also added that the fourth term aspiration of the lawmaker is beyond personal ambition as it is a way of making Ikorodu relevant in the scheme of things come 2019.



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