Cleaner Lagos Initiative : LASG Mobilises Traders Against Dirty Market Environment , Street Trading, Use Of Market Stalls


Hon. Muslim Folami, Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, (5the from left), Alhaji Tajudeen Quadri, Senior special Assistant to the Governor on Community Development (4th from left), Mr Padonu, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs (6th from left), Comrade Sesan Daini, Chairman, Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA (7th from left) and other Ministry staff, Market chieftains in Ikorodu division and others during the Commissioner’s visit to Elepe market in Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA

The Lagos State government continued with its  campaign against illegal dumping of refuse and Street trading across markets in the  State on Monday, February 26, 2018, as the Commissioner for Local Government and Community Affairs, Alhaji Muslim Folami, visited four major markets in Ikorodu division of the State.
Markets visited in the division  are  the ultra modern market in Ebute in Ikorodu West Local  Council Development Area (LCDA),  Ayangbure (Sabo)  market in Ikorodu Local Government, Owode- Elepe market in Igbogbo/Bayeku Local Council Development Area and Obale market in Ijede Local council Development Area.
On Tuesday, February 27, 2018, which was the second  day  of  the tour  of markets  in  the  division , the Commissioner’s entourage visited … market in Ikorodu North, Obada market in Imota and Ejinrin market in Ikosi-Ejinrin LCDAs.
According to the Commissioner, the government is committed to clean and safe market, utilization of market stalls by traders and preventing street trading across the state.
The visit were  in the continuation of the sensitisation tour of all the major markets in the 20 local government areas and 37 local council development areas in the state..
“I’m here for three reasons – to speak with you on why we have to keep our markets clean and safer from epidemic, conveying the state government’s  displeasure over street trading and to enjoin marketers to start making use of stalls provided for them”, he revaeled.
“The Lagos State Government is committed to making the state cleaner which was why our Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI) is being  handled by a consortium which is recognised globally.
“We want you to cooperate with them by properly packing your refuse inside the waste nylon and carefully dispose them into waste bin for the waste managers to evacuate
“We don’t want refuse to be dumped on the roads, laybys, medians, streets and other public places. Those engaging in this acts are doing contrary to the Mega City status the government is doing everything to maintain
“We notice that despite the provision of modern markets, traders still sell on the streets.
“We appeal to the traders to occupy their stalls and avoid street trading which could cause gridlock and accident.
“Traders must also dispose  their waste properly and evacuate refuse from markets, medians and walkways. Indiscriminate dumping of refuse is bad for the image of Lagos as a smart city.”
The Commissioner also used the occasion to appeal to the marketers to register  and procure their Permanent Voters Card (PVC) towards the next general elections.
Visit to Ayangbure (Sabo) Market, Ikorodu LG:
The Chairman, Ikorodu   LGA, Hon. Wasiu Adeshina, while speaking during the visit, stated that the council has embarked on further redevelopment of the Ayangbure market.
He added that the council, under his administration, has also been effectively evacuating refuse in the market and around the town to ensure a cleaner environment.
He warned developers engaged for the redevelopment of  the  market  to desist from collecting  levies and imposing arbitrary conditions on the marketers.
“I want to warn the developers in the market to stop imposing levies on the marketers. It is the duty of the council to do this. Because of this, we have set up a committee led by the former Council Chairman, Alhaji Junaid Owokodu,  to investigate the imposition of illegal levies by some developers which is causing our people untoward hardship.”
Alhaja Taofikat Allison, the Iya-Oloja General of Ikorodu division,  while also speaking said that  Ikorodu need more marketers and also solicited for the assistance of the state government in the redevelopment of the traditional Ajina market.
Visit to Owode-Elepe Market, Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA :
At Owode-Elepe market in Igbogbo/Bayeku Local Council Area, Comrade Sesan Daini, the council chairman, while speaking stated that the sensitization tour by the state is in continuation of All  Progressives Congress’ (APC) government of inclusion.
“This is in continuation of our party’s government of inclusion. The Commissioner could have invited all the market leaders and council chairmen to Alausa secretariat and brief them on the governor’s directive, but instead, he   decided to tour the major markets in the 57 LGs and LCDAs in the state” , Comrade Daini stated.

Hon. Wasiu Agoro, chairman, Imota LCDA (standing), Hon. Muslim Folami (sitting 3rd left), Alhaji Tajudeen quadri (sitting 2nd left) and others during the Commissioner’s tour of Obada market in Imota

“As a council, we have been ensuring that not only that our markets are clean, but also  monitoring the entire environment and ensuring that refuse are properly dumped and evacuated. We know that the governor is working towards taking Lagos State   into a Smart City status; we have to be partner in progress.
“As part of our efforts in making the people feel our presence and the importance attached  to the market associations, we have engaged the services of developers in redeveloping three markets in our council. The marketers were duly carried along in this process.
Comrade Daini listed Adeboruwa, Owode-Kaniyi and Sosanya markets as the three markets that would be redeveloped by the developers after the completion of the process.

Prince Jimoh Ogunmuyiwa, former Chairman, Igbogbo/Bayeku LCDA and now the Baba-Oloja General of the council, in his contribution,  stated that most markets in the council  were developed through self-help and requested for the state government’s assistance in the council’s plan for redevelopments.
The former chairman, who stated that they have not seen the Visionscape agents in their markets, also stated that they have been ensuring sanitation in the Elepe market and called on the government to assist in construction of fence round the market.

“Although, we have not seen the Visionscape agents in our market, but we have been ensuring that refuse are properly disposed and evacuated which is why you can see that our market is clean. The area we urgently need the government’s intervention is the construction of fence round this market to prevent people dumping refuse and committing other unlawful acts in the market after we might have gone home”, he appealed.
Visit to Obale Market, Ijede LCDA :
At Obale market in Ijede LCDA of Ikorodu division, the Chairman, Hon Fathiu Akesode, was supported by his  Vice Chairman, traditional rulers, party, market and religious leaders and the representative of the religious bodies to welcome the Commissioner’s entourage.
Hon. Fathiu, in his speech, stated that Obale market is the only market serving Ijede community while adding that the council, in partnership with the market leaders, are ensuring that the market is kept clean at all time.
The chairman, who  received great commendations from the public, also stated that his administration is keying into the Cleaner  Lagos Initiative, zero tolerance to street trading and maximum usage of the available stalls campaign of the state government.
In his own reaction, the Baba-Oloja of Obale market requested for the government’s assistance in building a modern market for  the people  of  Ijede .
“This is our traditional market which has been upgraded by the construction of stalls. Market business does not commence until evening time. Ijede need a more modern market and we want our government to help in this regard”, he appealed.
High Chief Aliu Musediq, the Regent/Olisa of Ijede,  while speaking called the attention of the Commissioner to the dilapidated  condition  of the  Alajede palace which he described as embarrasing and worrisome.
The traditional ruler called on the governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, to assist the community in the reconstruction of the palace.
Visit  to  Orija Market, Ikorodu North LCDA :

Hon. Muslim Folami, (sitting 3rd left), Alhaji Tajudeen Quadri (sitting 2nd right) and Hon. Adeola Banjo (standing) during  the Commissioner’s visit to Orija market in Ikorodu North LCDA

The first point of call on the second day of tour of the market in Ikorodu division  was the Orija market in  Ikorodu  North  LCDA .
Hon. Adeola Banjo, the Chairman of the council,  while welcoming the Commissioner and his entourage, expressed difficulties being faced by the council in its efforts at assessing the  number of shops in the plank market in the council and stoppage of street trading.
“Sir, one of the major difficulties we are facing and over which some people are seeing me as being difficult is the conspiracy at preventing my administration from knowing the number of stalls we have in the plank market”, he stated.
“As a council with control over markets, it is our duty to know the number of stalls in each of our markets for the purpose of planning. But we have been told that we cannot count the number of stalls in the plank market”, he alleged.
“These are the same people asking the council to do road, built toilets  and provide water. How  can we do all these without adequate knowledge of people and stalls? How can we do this when we cannot generate fund? ”
“I have also been having problems with our people because of our stance on street trading which is the policy of the state government. I had arrested many of our children being engaged in the act. Some of these children I have giving scholarship to start studying”, Hon. Banjo added.
Some  market  leaders  and  traders  also contributed  by  making  requests and observations .
They requested for the rehabilitation of Ikorodu-Shagamu road which they claimed is hampering sales as well as waste disposable nylon and bin and security in  markets across  the  council .
Visit to Obada Market, Imota LCDA :
It was a carnival – like  atmosphere  when  the Commissioner’s entourage visited   Obada  market in Imota as marketers, party members and residents used the occasion to praise and commend the Council Chairman, Hon. Wasiu Agoro who many have described as a ‘silent performer’.
Just like in the other markets visited, the Commissioner’s address was hinged on the campaign for cleaner market, stoppage of street trading and adequate usage of the market stalls.
Hon. Agoro, while welcoming the Commissioner and his entourage, stated that  Imota   market is ahead of other markets in the 57 LGs and LCDAs in Lagos State.
“Our markets without mincing words are ahead of other markets in the 57 LGs and LCDAs in Lagos State in terms of cleaningness and management”, he said boastfully.
“I make bold to say that there is no market in Lagos State that is as clean as Imota market which is why you can hardly find any dirt in our market where we are presently seated.
“Starting from next month, the council would start the rehabilitation of the this market by replacoing the roof, fencing and working on the floor”, Hon. Agoro revealed.
A major request by the  market leaders in Imota was the quick completion of the Lagos State Commodities Market (Mile 12) that was moved to the council two years ago.
Ejinrin Market, Ikosi-Ejinrin LCDA :

Alhaji Tajudeen Quadri, representative of the Commissioner for LG and Chieftaincy Affairs (middle), Hon. Segun Olulade, Member of the Lagos State House of Assembly (2nd right), Oba Rafiu Ishola Balogun, the Elejinrin of Ejinrin, Hon Dare Odunlami, Vice Chairman, Ejinrin LCDA and Chief Akintola Muyiwa, the Balogun of Ejinrinduring the Commissioner’s tour

By the time the Commissioner’s entourage would moved to Ejinrin market in Ikosi-Ejinrin LCDA, the  traders had  already dispersed but within few  minutes of the  tour team’s  arrival, the traditional ruler of Ejinrin, Oba Rafiu Ishoola Babatunde Balogun, the Elejinrin of Ejinrin, member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Segun Olulade and the Vice Chairman of the council  who also re presented  the Chairman, Hon. Dare Odunlami, stormed the market  to receive  the delegation  and their presence  led to the re- mobilization of  the traders and residents  of  the  area .
The Lagos State Government’s  team was led to Ejinrin by Alhaji Tajudeen Quadri, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Community Development.
According to the number one Community Development Promoter in Lagos State, he stated  that the State government is embarking on a three-prong campaign of cleaner Lagos, stoppage of street trading and adequate usage of available stalls in markets.
In their reactions to the Commissioner’s address, traders requested the government to provide portable water, toilet and electricity  in the market. These, according to them, would enhance the return of those  who  have  left the market.
Oba Balogun, a retired civil servant, while  speaking during the visit, went historical by stating that Ejinrin market was the second sea port in Nigeria. He added that the market,  which has now been abandoned, served the entire Southwest region of the country in the colonial and post colonial periods until  it was abandoned.
“This market used to serve the entire Yorubaland during the colonial period and thereafter. It used to host Ollivant, Leventis and other foreign companies. Many of these companies used to have their stores here until it was abandoned after the exit of the white men.
“The port here at that time used  to be the second sea port in Nigeria. The construction of the market stalls commenced in 1950 by the white men and completed in 1954. In this market, there were over 1000 stalls and it used to be beehive of activities.”
The royal father, who was appreciative of the governor’s visit to Ejinrin last December, also appealed to the residents to comply with the government’s directives.
“Since this market was abandoned after the exit of the white people, it is only this present administration under government Ambode that has shown interest in reviving it and bring back its lost glory”
“The governor visited Ejinrin last December and promised to ensure that his administration do projects that would bring people back into Ejinrin and also revive the market.

Hon. Segun Olulade, member of the Lagos State House of Assembly while   also speaking,  stated that the APC is practicing government of inclusion.
“Our party is practicing an inclusive government and that is why the State government is coming to our communities to carry people along in its decision making process”, Hon. Olulade stated.
“You should consider all your requests on toilet facilities and water done”, he assured.
“The governor has also assured Lagosians of uninterrupted power with the bill that was recently passed into law. Whenever the project takes off, Lagos will have the capacity to generate and distribute power to its residents.
“Ejinrin market used to be the commercial nerve centre of the Western region before it was abandoned but the governor has promised to revive the market”, said the lawmaker.

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