“PDP will shock APC again in Constituency II, wins more positions across the state” -Hon. Oshin

Hon. Ggbenga Oshin, is a Chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ikorodu and a former Member, Lagos State House of Assembly representing Ikorodu Constituency II and former Councilor. He is currently the Chairman, Grand G Arena hotel and bar in Igbogbo. In an interview with Kunle Adelabu, THE IMPACT NEWSPAPER Publisher/Reporter-in-Chief bears his mind on his brief stay at the Lagos State House of Assembly and chances of PDP in winning the forthcoming general elections in Lagos State. Excerpts:

Impact: You were at the Lagos State House of Assembly for some months after winning the bye-election following the death of late Hon. Rotimi Shotomiwa. What was the experience like then and after office?

Hon Oshin: I was a memorable one. Aside representing your people in the house, you also got to meet people from different backgrounds, ideology and political views and perception. And these are people you share ideas and this has really propelled me to aim higher. It’s just like when I was a Councilor, the position propelled me to aim at representing my people at higher level at Lagos State House of Assembly where I was eventually opportune to go. I am always interested in serving my people.

Impact: What position are you aiming at now?

Hon. Oshin: None now

Impact: Sir, you won the bye-election in 2011 against all odds by defeating candidate of the ruling CAN, do you think your party, PDP can still re-enact same feat in Ikorodu Constituency II election come February?

Hon. Oshin: Definitely we can and indeed, we have won many elections in Ikorodu and Lagos State, but we were denied victory by the ruling party in the state. In fact, PDP would have won the election in 2007 when I first contested against late Hon. Rotimi Shotomiwa but for the infighting with our party then and now that we are unified and more formidable we are going to repeat same feat come February elections. We always perform when we don’t have internal problems like we did during the bye-election in 2011.

Impact: Let us look at Ikorodu and Lagos State as a whole. Do you see PDP making any impact in the coming elections?

Hon. Oshin: We are all living witnesses to the local government elections about three years when PDP performed very well across the state by winning in some councils especially in areas like Obalende, Eredo, Somolu and Badagry among others but we were denied victory. We also won substantial councillorship positions. That was despite the fact that we did not took the decision to participate in the election early. Even Obanikoro took them to Court over Obalende but we were denied victory on technical ground. In the coming elections, APC are in for surprises and not only in Ikorodu but everywhere. Their government is not for common man. Most of Fashola’s development projects are selective since they are concentrated in few areas like Victoria, Ikoyi, Mainland, Lagos Island, Surulere and part of Ikeja, while other divisions are neglected. People are agitating for change and I’m assuring Lagosians that the candidate PDP is presenting for the gubernatorial election will do more in making Lagos State greater and make governance all about the people. We are going to change the face of Lagos State and entrench a system that is base on fairness and equity.

Impact: What are your expectations regarding the Presidential, Governorship, Senatorial and other elections comes February 2015?

Hon. Oshin: Minority will always have their says, while majority will have their ways. No matter their noise and scheming, because, you know they are very good in propaganda, PDP will still dominate. We are waiting for them come February and they will be shock after the elections. Even in some of their strongest states, you’ll see what PDP will do. People cannot change to nonsense because what does APC offers? What is the essence of changing from better future to a bleak one? PDP represents the future of Nigeria and Nigerians are going to vote for PDP again. Nigeria under PDP has taken giant steps far beyond what we were in 1983. You can now see that their candidate now suffering from health and certificate sagas. Nigerians cannot afford to taken backward.

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