“Ikorodu deserves special status”-Hon Oshinowo, Labour Party House of Reps candidate

Kunle Adelabu and Azeez Sulaimon

Hon. Shonubi
Mr Oshinowo

Hon. Omobolaji Oshinowo, the Labour Party candidate for Ikorodu Federal Constituency has stated that Ikorodu Division deserves special recognition from State and Federal governments.

The candidate who pledged to devote his legislative time to achieving this if elected stated in an interview with THE IMPACT that Ikorodu is being sidelined in term of representation at both state and federal levels.

“Ikorodu Division is one of the most populated areas in Lagos State and one of the five divisions that made up the state, but it is suffering from neglects. Presently, I have notice with serious worry, the retrogression of the division in lot of ways. There is serious decay in infrastructural development and most government’s presence has been abandoned. The roads are in terrible state, the Port Authority that should have provided employment for the populace is only operating skeletally.”

He added, “The Federal Medical Centre at Igbogbo has been abandoned. We have to make the Federal government realize that Ikorodu deserves a special status because of its strategic nature. The rates at which people are migrating into Ikorodu from different parts of the country also make it deserving more attentions from both the state and federal governments.”

Hon. Oshinowo added that Ikorodu which is one of the fastest growing areas in Lagos State deserve more seats and caledl for urgent redress of the situation. “One of my agenda if elected is to vigorously pursue the issue of representation both at the state and federal levels. If a correct census is to be conducted today, I’m sure is population will be over 5million people and yet, we have only one representative at the House of Representatives and just two at the Lagos State House of Assembly, whereas other divisions that made up of Lagos State has more at both levels. This is part of my agenda if voted come next general elections.”

“Go from Majidun to Egbin, Ibeshe and other parts of the division, the activities of the sand miners have destroyed our roads and more importantly, our eco-system whereby depriving most of the people around these areas their economic activities. These miners are not giving back anything into the community despite the millions they are making at the expense of the people without government doing anything” Hon. Oshinowo lamented.

The Labour Party candidate pledged to sponsor bills to correct these anomalies and embark on campaigns of social justice and equal opportunity to draw attention of other parts of the country to Ikorodu’s plights.

He challenged people to use their votes as revolution to bring about changes in the system. “We don’t have to go through civil war again, we don’t have to bomb ourselves, but we can change things through our votes. That should be our revolution and means of bringing about desired changes in the system.”

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