ARK, an initiative of Mrs Adekanbi Remilekun Kafayat, a Radiographer with a private hospital in Lagos is set to embark on humanitarian and developmental activities in Ikorodu and environs. It is poised to impact on the grassroots people through public enlightenment, youth engagement, empowering individuals and organizing health activities to educate and assists common people and give a hand of friendship to the less privilege.

                According to the initiator, “ARK is an idea that is committed to Ikorodu development through embarking on different humanitarian, medical and other developmental projects. Our focus is our community because that is where the people that needs our supports and basic helps resides. Our intention is to impact on the people at the lower level of the society in our own little ways”

To ARK, it is about commitment as the body is planning to make real impact and contribute to people’s standard of living which is the primary goal. “We intend to get involve with people at the grassroots in order to educate, assist and cooperate with them. It is about commitment, dedication and service to the community people and humanity in general”, said Mrs Adekanbi.

                “Our attempt is to bring about continuity of development in Ikorodu. We are thinking of going into education, providing enlightenment to the youths, going into health care by organizing healthcare awareness prograames to make people to be more conscious about their health because we have found out that there are serious issues about people knowing why they have to take good care of their health, we also intend to empower some individuals through training in skill education and also empowering the youth via information provision. There are project areas we intend to embark upon”, She emphasized.

                As a practical way of kick-starting the project, ARK initiative on March 27th 2014 which

incidentally was the birthday of the initiator, Adekanbi Remilekun Kafayat, whose name formed the ARK acronym, visited Lagos State Government Rehabilitation Centre at Owutu-Agric, Ikorodu to donate food items to the inmates of the school as a way of extending hands of fellowship to people under-going rehabilitation and to tell them they are not alone.

                The visit which friends and families of ARK were also mobilized to partake turned out to be an eye opener for ARK and more than before makes her rededicated herself to the cause of humanity. “Going to the rehabilitation centre has actually opened my eyes to another level. We need

to be our brother’s keeper. We have to show concern about those undergoing rehabilitation, because they were once full of life like you and I and they are there today not because of their own wish, but due to some circumstances. If you can put a smile on peoples face, the impact lives forever. I feel that individually and as groups we need to be visiting these people and offer our hands of friendship so that they will not feel that the society has abandoned them to their fate. Ark is going to embark on taking the message to the larger society that you can visit the rehabilitation without even having anything to donate, but if you are privilege enough why not lend a hand? Going there to visit, play and chat with them will go a long way in making them feel real, alive and love. We have to show compassion, love and feelings to others that need to be love. as a people and society, it is important that we care about ourselves and extends hands of friendship all the time”, ARK stated.

                As a way of sustaining the initiative which is being financed by the initiator, ARK is planning to use her leverage within the medical profession and also looking forward to supports from privilege individuals and corporate bodies to further the cause of humanity at the grassroot level.


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