Guinness World Record Holder Laments State Of Isawo Road, Flood

Kunle Adelabu

Agric – Owutu -isawo road presently with vehicles finding t difficult to navigate through the flood.

The Guinness World record holder in the “Longest Marathon Reading Aloud” category’, Mr Bayode Treasures – Olawunmi, has lamented the state of the Agric – Owutu – lsawo road which has been flooded by rain in the last few days.

The road, which is presently under reconstruction and expansion, has become heavily flooded since the rain started as residents find it difficult to move in and out of their residents.

Bayode spoke on THE IMPACT WhatsApp platform and also chatted privately with our reporter on the matter.

The Guinness record holder was disappointed that residents of Lagos State which is classified as a Megacity, are still living in an environment that is being constantly disturbed by flood.

He charged government to explore technology in dealing with road and other construction.

Heavily flooded Owutu road.

Many residents who live in Agric, Owutu, Isawo and other communities in Ikorodu West Local Council Development Area where the road construction is ongoing, have also expressed their unpleasant experiences as the rain has further worsen the state of the road, thereby making the road impassable for them.

“Should human still live in this condition in this century? Should we as a people still be battling with road construction at this time when saner nations are already exploring the space, artificial intelligence and nano technology? O ga ooo (this is serious)”, Bayode lamented.

“Nigeria as a nation is blessed with resources – natural and human capital. There are records of Nigerians doing exploit in engineering and science fields across the globe.

“We have the resources, yet we are living in squalor. Other countries are advancing but we  are somewhat retrogressing”, he stated.

After reminiscing about the conditions of our State and Nation, he remembered a song by African Shina, a Nigerian musician who, according to him, aptly captured the rots in the Nigeria system in the song.

He described the situation on Agric – Owutu – Isawo road as an eyesore, adding that he has been calling attentions of those in authority to the road since 2017 but nobody was listening.

“It is an eyesore. This is the road I have been shouting about since 2017, I called all relevant authorities in Ikorodu to so that they can understand our plight but all I got was that government is working on it. In fact, I remember sometimes in 2018 when I spoke to one of such persons, the excuse was “it’s rainy season, once the rain is over, work will continue.

“Unfortunately, after two solid years (24 months, 104 weeks, 731 days, 17,544 hours, 1,052,640 seconds) it is still the same old  story that is being bundled around.

Current state of owutu road.

“What baffles me is that our government and representatives are acting as if they are doing us a favor when they get the chance or find it worthy to speak for us.

“I learnt that the HiTech, the construction company working on the road, has left site because of lack of  fund.Government should pay the contractors. Moreover,HiTech is  biting more than they can chew.It has too many jobs at hand”.

It would be recalled that Bayode set the Guinness World Record in the “Longest Marathon Reading Aloud” category, reading for over 120 hours in 2018.

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