Readers’ Views On THE IMPACT At 5

Cross section of readers, cutting across different professions and trades, gave their views about THE IMPACT newspaper (online and print) in commemorate the 5th year anniversary of the foremost community newspaper and the inauguration of its monthly discourse platform (THE IMPACT Square).

Otunba Ganiyu Abiru, Chairman, Ikorodu-Oga Development Association:

“The strategic relevance of community newspaper; be it print or online, can not be over emphasised as it helps to bridge the gap that conventional newspaper can not cover.  It gives the community the opportunity to get to know about  the happenings in their environment effortlessly without discounting the tripodal functions of journalism which is to inform, educate and entertain. With the contributions of Community newspapers in the enhancement of these functions and there acceptability by the Community, this genre of information disemination has  come to stay. All of us who are community conscious must collaborate and give assisting hand to ensure  sustainability of community brand of journalism”.

Hon. Wasiu Agoro, Chairman, Imota Local Council Development Area:

“THE IMPACT Newspaper has made huge positive influence in community development, most especially in disseminating information and creating awareness for the people at the grassroots, thereby,  making them to get more involved in the decision-making process concerning their affairs.

 It has also become a veritable platform where the governed air their views on the activities of the government”.

 Comrade Japheth Odesanya, Publisher, The Factor Newsmagazine:

“THE IMPACT Newspaper is making impact. It should continue.

Best wishes.”

Dr T.A.G. Okeowo , Senior Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Science, Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu:

“IMPACT@ 5! The Community Newsreel has been a trailblazer in grassroots journalism.

It has opened up the space for online discourse on topical, local but contemporary issues relevant to the immediate environment.

Its news coverage has been unbiased and fluid.

One can only encourage such community newspaper to not only maintain but enhance her position in the commity of community   journalism in Lagos State”.

Barr. Lekan Ijelu, a legal practitioner and politician:

“As a third generation, or so, the community newspaper, THE IMPACT, is standing on the shoulders of Giants like Oriwu Sun, Ikorodu News, et Al.

However, THE IMPACT at 5 has certainly proved its mettle as one of the foremost journalistic voices for and from Ikorodu.

The impact of THE IMPACT as a patriotic and developmental megaphone for Ikorodu, is undoubtedly ubiquitous and very well noted beyond the shores of Ikorodu.

Over the last five years, the paper has, by dint of hardwork, doggedness and determination, been  able to survive and succeed where others have failed. It has also earned for itself a reputation of brilliance and balance reportage.

Kudos, certainly, to the brains behind THE IMPACT, both print and online.

At 5, I pray THE IMPACT continues to wax stronger in pursuit of truth and excellence”.

 Dr Abiodun Fatai Abatan, Senior lecturer, Department of Political Science, Lagos State University, Ojo :

“THE IMPACT newspaper is a household news magazine not only in Ikorodu division, but also in Lagos state. Its critical, in-depth investigative journalism, underscored by balanced reports and fair judgement, is an attribute of leading and reputable international media organisation. That said, its commitment to humanitarian cum community service is indispensable as people centred and development oriented media organisation. Congratulations to THE  IMPACT @ 5″.

Comrade Semiu Akinlawon FASASI Esq, Chairman, Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU), Lagos State Polytechnic Chapter.

“THE IMPACT News media caught across both print and online. I have greatly reached the local, national and even international audience through the Impact News media, particularly through its WhatsApp Group chat and the web News stand.

Abinitio, I was reluctant to embrace THE IMPACT News Media as a News Channel , particularly when there was a dire need to reach out to the world, especially  the Lagos State Government, for positive attention on the industrial crisis rocking my place of work – Lagos State Polytechnic, where I happened to be one of the actors, as I  believed then that the News Media does not have the capacity to reach out to the target audience. But this erroneous belief was proved effectively wrong when I was called from Jos, Port-Harcourt and the United States of America on a submission I made regarding the re-introduction of the Monthly Environmental Sanitation Exercise in Lagos State which was published by the paper in its monthly hard copy edition and online platforms.

No doubt, the richness of THE IMPACT News WhatsApp Group discussions and discussants is incredibly awesome. The positive impact, the cross-fertilization of ideas bothering on the development of the locality, Lagos State and the country as a whole cannot be over-emphazised. THE IMPACT News Channel has tremendously helped to disseminate developmental and progressive information to the immediate community – Ikorodu Division, Lagos State, Nigeria and the International Community at large.

I will suggest that THE IMPACT News media protagonists should organize a monthly or quarterly forum for contributors to physically come together to make resolutions on issues that bother on the immediate Community (i.e. Ikorodu Division)  for political leaders within the Division as well  as the Local, State and Federal Governments in documented form. This will assist in reviewing the performances of Government at all levels and also serves as a way of addressing both political and socio-economic needs of the society.

I have no doubt in my mind that THE IMPACT News Media is really making positive Impact through its news reports”.

 Olubode Maclauren Oserinde, CEO, Fanafillit, Entertainment promoter and Social Media commentator:

“THE  IMPACT Newspaper has, within the  5 years of its existence, succeeded in carving a niche for itself as a reliable and responsible news platform.

I make bold to state that the newspaper stands out tall in community journalism in the whole of Lagos State. Its news reporting is reputed to be balanced, professional and delightsome.

Every edition of its print version has always been ‘unputdownable’!

In addition to its penchant for upholding the professional tenets of journalism, THE IMPACT has also stand out as the most impactful newspaper in the whole of Ikorodu division and as the most socially responsible community newspaper in the entire Lagos State, and perhaps Nigeria. This is evident in its commendable willingness to support growing ideas of young entrepreneurs, serving as a platform to promote such ideas without expectation of any financial gratification. In addition to this, as a result of its unique style of processing and disseminating information, command of respect in the community et al, the paper is known as the delight of many Mass Communication students on Industrial Attachment. In the past 5 years, the organization is reputed as destination of lots of Mass Communication students on Industrial Training (IT) programme from the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH). Many IT students had passed through the mentorship of the establishment and turned out to be the best among their peers.

On this note, I wish to congratulate the Publisher and entire staff members of THE IMPACT Newspaper on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the paper, while I also wish the organization the grace to continue to grow in leaps and bounds.”

Prince Kunle Ogunleye, a retired Director, Lagos State Government:

“The e-news channel of the paper has been able to positively impacted on the community as the name implies, with awareness, especially on issues and developments germaine to Ikorodu division.

The information rolled out have enabled most opinion and political leaders took actions where and when appropriate.

I wish you more success in your endeavors”.

Olola Olusegun Iluyombo:

“THE IMPACT Newspaper/Magazine can be classified as the most reliable and dependable newspaper in our community these days. I feel comfortable reading news and knowing about emerging events/information in social, sport, political, traditional and entertainment circles on the pages of THE IMPACT newspaper. Besides, its social blog is fantastic as it brings events to people’s knowledge in the comfort of their bedrooms. In fact, It has a great impact on our community because it positioned itself as an efficient and effective carrier of emerging stories and events. This has indeed placed it at a vantage position in the comity of news media houses in Ikorodu”.

Lateef Sholanke (Arizona), The Coordinator , Ikorodu Ambassadors Group:

“In the last few years, you have really shown us how informed, educative and entertaining your brand is when it comes to community journalism.

When it comes to the current happenings within and outside Ikorodu division, I believe with THE IIMPACT, we’re well informed.

I am very glad to be part of  your 5th anniversary”.

Mrs Nwobodo Ijeoma Blessing (FICSSM), Director, Victory Joy Management Consultant:

“Wow! THE IMPACT@ 5. All praise to God Almighty. Let me just start with the premise that 5 looks good on you. Overtime, I ‘ve come to realize that THE IMPACT newspaper has become one of my favourite print  media (both online and hardcopy). This is due to its constant uncompromised and genuine information. I would enjoin  the paper to maintain its unbaised and quality brand  of journalism at all time. There is still a lot of gold to mine for THE IMPACT @ 5″.

Princess Aderoju Ladega, a Princess of Ikorodu Kingdom now based in the United States of American (USA) :

“THE IMPACT Newspaper is 5, isn’t it great?

 THE IMPACT Newspaper, a community media firm, has been indisputably practicing professionalism in its news coverage since inception.

The well known and revered community news media (print and online) platform, and its Publisher/Editor-In-Chief, ‘Kunle Adelabu, are known for genuine and balanced coverage of happenings across Ikorodu division and Lagos state at large. It remains one of the most communicative news platform where contemporary matters on governance, community and humanitarian services are discussed and resolutions are reached for way-forward.

 I pray for wisdom and progress for THE IMPACT Newspaper ”.

 Agboola Odesanya, a lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication, Lagos State University, Ojo:

“True to its appellation, the newspaper medium has done fairly well in surpassing some of the titles it met on the newsstands.

 It should not rest on its oars”.

 Samson Bisiriyu, Executive Director, Ikorodu Division Youth Initiative Movement (IDYIM) & member, IDYIM Board of Trustees:

“On behalf of all the youths in Ikorodu Division, IDYIM felicitates with our most consistent and professional media associate , Kunle Adelabu, on the 5 years of the laudable impact of his newspaper, THE IMPACT, in Ikorodu Division. Your consistent contributions and support for the progress of the division in the last 5 years cannot be over emphasized. More grace as you continue to impact in another productive years ahead”.

 Olalekan Murisiku, a Journalist and Chairman, Irepodun CDA, Odogunyan, Ikorodu North LCDA.

“THE IMPACT Newspaper has distinguished itself as a media organization notable for  incisive and in-depth reportage of events and news analysis.

Today, the paper has become a household name when it comes to robust news coverage. Its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative as a news organization, especially in terms of supporting residents with health challenges, is second to none in Ikorodu Division”.

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