Artiste Who Commits Suicide In Ikorodu Says God Not Fair, Life Is Enemy


Olanrewaju Pelepele

Despite public outcry against suicide and persistent calls that anyone that  is depressed should seek help, it seems that some people still find taking their own lives as the best way to resolve the challenges they are going through.

One of such people is Ikorodu-based upcoming rap performing act popularly called Olanrewaju Pelepele , who took his own life on Friday, September  20, 2019, after drinking ‘sniper’, a deadly substance.

According to Olanrewaju, in a video recorded before his suicide, he explained that God failed to answer his prayer despite his hardwork, while he blamed life for his lack of breakthrough in his musical career.

He stated that he had put in 10 years of hard work but could not hit the limelight.

Also in the video , which went viral on social media , ‘Pelepele’ said  he was left with no other choice than to take his own life.

“To say I am depressed is an understatement. I am suicidal. I don’t feel any sense of belonging. I am always tormented by life.  I don’t know if am right or wrong. I don’t know whether I am deserving or not. God is not  just.  I am not sorry to say that because I don’t even know what my offense was”, he stated dejectedly in the video.

“Some 10 years ago, I told God to grant my prayer so that I can be a successful musician. I asked Him to take my life if my musical career doesn’t become successful. I put in my efforts 100% .

“10 years was the deadline I gave myself.

“Three years after the 10 year deadline, Olamide saw the talents in me and signed me to his YBNL Nation record which was like a free ticket to success. Trust me, I put in my 100 percent efforts. That’s who I am, but it seems like God is just unjust to me. I thought I was lifted and blessed but now, everything is just depressing.

“I became the most hated, hunger-driven and depressed person.

“I appreciated everything but see what everything turned out to be. God is just, not fair. I can’t say that God is my enemy but I think that life is the enemy.

“It’s 6 days now, if by 12:00am tomorrow, God doesn’t take my life, I will kill myself,” Pelepele said in the viral video.

“I bought sniper to kill myself. I love you all. God bless you”, he told his fans and friends.

Source within the entertainment industry said Olanrewaju has since been buried.

Meanwhile, while stating that suicide should not have being ‘Pelepele’s last option, some of the residents that reacted on the social media also blamed the person that recorded the video for aiding his death.

Oluwakemi Hassan, popularly called ‘General Bashexy”, a record label owner and music promoter, while reacting stated that :

“So so Sad…  I want to believe that the person that recorded the video is under the influence of drugs or any strong substance… A normal person won’t…  .

“Too much hope on music for breakthrough”.

Comrade Mani Shonubi, a Senatorial Candidate, while also reacting, stated that :

” I’m just pissed off with his reason…. Olamide will be mad at his stupidity… It seems he has wounds on his legs… He is high on something…. Just too sad… He end up transferring the pains to me”.

Madam Funke Awoyemi, a community developer , sounded Biblical in her own reaction.

” A life without Christ will be full of crisis.

“What a waste! He simply didn’t understand what time and chance is all about.

“He had the chance but it wasn’t his time !!!!!!

“Why is that the whole thing was so difficult for him to understand?”.

Mr Niyi Soyebo, a social media commentator in his own submission, stated that :

” Very pathetic!

“But sniffing life out of himself is not the option. What if a year after is God’s plan for him.

“Earnestly, My heart bleeds for this young dude”.

 Mr Bayo Oteju, a senior legislative aide to Hon. Jimi Benson,  and author , stated that:

“Suicide is not an option, too sad watching this video, one on one and heart to heart counselling could have being helpful”.

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