Ikorodu Division Youth Initiative Movement Is Birth Of New Direction – Barr. Shillings


Barr. SOK Shillings (standing) addressing members of the board of Trustees (BOT) of the Ikorodu Division Youth Initiative Movement (IDYIM) during the inauguration at the Ikorodu Town hall on Sunday.

The former Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ikorodu Branch , and a community builder, Barr. Saheed Kolawole Shillings, has described the formation of the Ikorodu Division Youth Initiative Movement (IDYIM) as the beginning of a new direction for the division’s social, economic and political focus.

He stated this during the inauguration of IDYIM Board of Trustees at Ikorodu Town hall on Sunday, September 15, 2019.

Barr. Shillings, while inaugurating the body, stated that, “For intent and purposes, I ,hereby, call on these men and woman and certified that today 15th September , 2019, they are inaugurated as the incorporated trustees of Ikorodu Division Youth Initiative Movement”.

With these pronouncements, Dr Abiodun Fatai Abatan, a senior lecturer in the department of Political Science , Lagos State University, was inaugurated as the Chairman, Board of Trustees (BOT) of the IDYIM.

Others on the board are – Comrade Sola Sokoya – Secretary , Ikorodu Constituency 1, Mr Taiwo Fesomu – Ijede LCDA, Mrs Oluwakemi Kalesanwo – Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA, Comrade Godwin Oke -Imota LCDA, Mr Seun Jayesimi – Ikorodu Local Government, Comrade Samson Bisiriyu – Ikorodu North LCDA and Barr Olatunji Atoloye – Ikorodu West LCDA.

Barr. Shillings , while appreciating the honour given to him to inaugurate the board, stated that members of the board should consider themselves privileged to have been called upon to serve.

“In our respective divisions , all of you have been chosen as individuals to come and represent a whole community on a board. The trustees are not necessarily those that involved in day-to-today activities of the organization but they are the custodians of the values and ethos of every association” , he stated.

“The responsibility of the board is to guides the organization in achieving the aims and objectives of the movement”.

The former NBA Chairman also stated that the movement is a good initiative that might give the division a direction to solving its challenges.

“I must say that in the annals of the organization of the youths, this is a new thing. Most youth groups don’t consider it proper to inaugurate their board and other arms, they just look at it from ‘Aluta’ angle. But by formalizing it , you have not just taken a social responsibilities but also legal”.

He challenged members of the board of trustees to be good ambassadors of the movement and deploy their resourcefulness in charting a new course of action for the youths in the division.

“You have said that anything that is attributable to the organization is attributable to you. You are saying in essence that if the association does anything good, you are the ones that have directed it and also if it is otherwise, you are the one responsible for it.

“That is the implication of your incorporation. It means that you have to be careful and look at what you represents and manage your personal and communal integrity. That’s the responsibility that your incorporation bestows on you.

“Looking at all of you (members of the board), I can see that you are men of resource and resources. I believe that it is still under your control and armpits to guide this group and make it achieve the lofty ideas that have given birth to it.

“I am very certain that this is a birth of a new organization that would give Ikorodu a direction that might not have existed before.

“You have taken a bold step to say that we are youths and we want to do this”.

He challenged the board to embark on activities that would be impacting and stand them out as a body to be reckoned with.

“There are bound to be several organizations in a community but it is an activity that denotes an organization. If you are incorporated and there is no activity, it serves no purpose.

“We have all agreed that Ikorodu Division is a challenged division. It is also a blessed division because we have men of resources. Those that started the development of Ikorodu perhaps may not be as rich in substance like most of you here today in their time, that mean looking forward , you have a very big field to operate and it now behoves of you to now determine how much of space that you want to capture.

“You also have to be careful in sharing posts among different parts in the division because best hands might not come from a particular section. If you cannot get better choice from a section in the course of rotation or sharing, always endeavor to go to the next if that’s where the proper person is, otherwise, in an attempt to impress the world, you will depress the organization and that might be the end and nobody will care to ask you because they are not interested” ,he warned.

“The honour of a man or an organization is to stand within yourself and say this is what we are and what you want the people want to call you.

“I wish you the very best and feel that there are still very many things to be done.

Barr. Saheed Shillings (standing 2nd left) presenting the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) certificate to Dr Abiodun Fatai Abatan during h9is inuguration as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ikorodu Division Youth Initiative Movement (IDYIM) at the Ikorodu Town hall. With them are Comrade Godwin Oke, a member of the board (right) and Comrade Sola Sokoya, Secretary to the board (left)

Barr. Shillings also charged the body to ensure that they identify youths that are still interested in acquiring education or further their education to higher level and assist them in getting sponsors.

Dr Abatan, while speaking at the event, assured the public that the board would uphold the values and principles of the movement.

“As the custodians of the principles and values of this organization, we shall uphold the principles, creeds and values of its existence and ensure that we impact positively on the division , especially the youths , as charged by Barr. Shillings” , he assured.

“We are privileged to be selected to be on the board amidst millions of people in Ikorodu Division. On the basis of that, there are lots of expectations ahead of us.

“This expectations have to do with putting in our best, bringing out innovations and capacity in terms of ensuring that the core values of this movement is realized at the end of the day.

“If you look at Ikorodu today, there are lots of challenges. They are going to abuse and challenge us and that is why we must at all time discharge our duty.

“This is an historical responsibility and I am saying that I will put in my best in this movement to ensure that all mandates that have been given to us are realized.

He sought for synergy with the media in achieving the aims and objectives of the movement.

“We seek the cooperation of the gentlemen of the press in helping us to achieve our goals. We want to create a synergy and work together. Ikorodu needs us at this crucial time and we also need you”.

Comrade Sola Sokoya, IDYIM Secretary , speaking on the ‘journey so far’, stated that the body has made many giant strides within a short period of its existence.

“The body has made giant strides despite her young age. This was made possible due to the drive, dedication and passion of the young minds whose aims and objectives include seeing Ikorodu division attaining a lofty height to the envy of all other divisions in Lagos state.

“The movement started on a WhatsApp group chat platform where indigenes of the division that have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields were invited to speak to youths of the division on the need to distinguish themselves and make themselves better persons by taking advantage of the prevailing opportunities. Among them is a young man of Ikorodu descent who is now a pilot and many others too numerous to mention.

He listed organizing the first ever Ikorodu Division Youth Summit in 2018, staging of political debate, organizing signing of peace accord among political candidates in the last general elections and agitation for youth inclusiveness as parts of the achievements of the movement.

“We came to a point where it was expedient for us to take our discussion offline and have a physical  interaction. These agitations propelled us into organizing the first youth summit cutting across the nooks and crannies of the division.

“As the general elections approached, with the hindsight of the fact that politicians are always eager to use youths as agents of destruction, commotion and confusion while keeping their own children in safe haven, we began publicizing to our fellow youths not to fall for the antics of these politicians who will only use and dumb them immediately the elections are over.

“We did not stop there, we went further to visit all contestants across all political party , discussing with them the need for peace during and after elections as elections shouldn’t be a do or die affair. We presented to them our form of PEACE ACCORD to sign which they all gladly signed and promised a peaceful election and not using youths as agents of violence.

L-R, Comrade Sola Sokoya, Secretary, Mrs Oluwakemi Kalesanwo, member, Barr, Tunji Atoloye, member, Barri. SOK Shilllings, Dr Abiodun Fatai Abatan, Chairman, Mr Godwin Oke, member, Mr Taiwo Fesomu, member and Comrade Samson Bisiriyu after the board was inaugurated

“Having met and discussed the with all contestants, we felt we all need to hear the manifestos of all contestants so that the populace will know who to vote for having heard their manifestos so that their judgments of voting is not based on a vague information but by listening and judging by what they see and hear.We are glad that this also turned to be a success as the turnout was massive from both contestants and intending voters.

“Having encouraged young contestants in Ikorodu Division during the elections as our campaign also included “not too young to run”, we visited all political leaders and stalwarts in the division imploring them that youth inclusiveness is of paramount importance when political slots are been filled in cabinet constitution at state level”.

Other achievements of the movement are Free Medical Outreach to the Community of Igbogbo/Baiyeku LCDA in conjunction with MILECENT FOUNDATION, Women Empowerment Program, IT Hub Conference and Campaign Against Cultism and Drug Addiction In Partnership With Nigeria Bar Association , Ikorodu Branch, and Hope For Addicts Initiative.

Comrade Samson Bisiriyu, the initiator of the movement and one of the Trustees , added that the movement has achieved many of its set objectives.

“Today, we are happy that our campaign for youth inclusiveness is coming to reality with the appointment of Ms Busola Olusanya. We have met with her and she’s ready to partner with the movement. We must support her to succeed as a movement” , he stated.

He also stated that the registration and incorporation of the body with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) was also another giant stride that the movement has recorded.

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