Ikorodu Should Remember Other Parts of the Division – Ranodu of Imota

His Royal Majesties Oba Ajibade Agoro, the Ranodu of Imota (Left) and Oba Semiudeen Kasali, the Adeboruwa of Igbogbo (Right) discussing at an event

A revered traditional ruler and a Chartered accountant, His Royal Majesty, Oba Ajibade Bakare Agoro, Olufoworesetie I, the Ranodu of Imota, has called on the people of Ikorodu town to always remember that there are other towns that made up the division and allow development spread fairly.

The oldest serving royal father in the division made this appeal when he spoke on behalf of other royal fathers in the division at the reception organized in honour of the elected and appointed representatives in Lagos East Senatorial District (Ikorodu Division) at the Ikorodu Town hall on Friday, September 6, 2019.

Other royal fathers at the reception, which was chaired by Sen. Ganiu O. Solomon , were His Royal Majesties, Oba (Engr.) Kabir Shotobi, Adegorushe V, the Ayangbure of Ikorodu, Oba Semiudeen Kasali, Emugoriade I, the Adeboruwa of Igbogbo, Oba Richard Ogunsanya, the Olubeshe of Ibeshe and Oba Bashir Shotonwa, Osomekun I, the Sekumade of Ipakodo.

Oba Agoro , while speaking, stated that he has no hatred for Ikorodu but only envy the developments that the town is experiencing because of the activities of its past leaders and placement of its sons and daughters at national and state level.

While acknowledging Ikorodu’s leadership position in the division, the royal fathers also charged the people of the town to always carry other parts of the division along in terms of developments and allocation of other values and resources.

He spoke glowingly about the likes of Otunba Theophillus Sobowale Benson, SAN, Chief S. O. Gbadamosi, Pa Allison, Otunba Adeniran Ogunsanya, SAN, Dr Bolaji Ajenifuja, Prof. Sanni and Sir Kayode Shoderu among others whom he described as heroes that laid the foundation for commerce, education, politics and other developments that Ikorodu is benefitting from today.

He also commended the organisers of the event for the initiative.

“We are here today to honour those that God Almighty have honoured. We are gathered here today to honour those that were elected and appointed in Ikorodu. These are people that have been given appointments at the state and federal level. These are eminent people from the Lagos East Senatorial District.

“But before I dwell fully on the awardees, I would like to talk about Ikorodu Division and Ikorodu township. In doing that, I want to honour some of the elders that have departed to the great beyond. These are those that God used in opening up Ikorodu town for development and that is by extension, why we are here today.

“Today, we have eminent persons in the division that have taken up the responsibility of liaison with the governments for us in the division but then, where is this foundation?

“Starting from Otunba Theophillus Shobowale Benson, who was trained in the United Kingdom and became a lawyer and later returned to Ikorodu after savouring the glamour of education.

“It is on record that he and other eminent persons came together to establish Oriwu College.

“Because of the importance which TOS Benson and others from Ikorodu placed on education, in 1957 when Gen. Mobolaji Johnson came to Ikorodu, he said that graduates from Ikorodu are enough to run the Lagos State Civil Service” , Oba Agoro recalled.

While acknowledging the leadership position which he said God has bestowed on Ikorodu, Oba Ranodu revealed that he has nothing against Ikorodu but only envy the town.

“That is why Ikorodu has progressed. In year 2000 when the Asiwaju Tinubu’s administration made appointments and we were gathered to honour those that were appointed from Ikorodu with all the traditional rulers present like what we are having here today, I did made a statement that, “I only envy Ikorodu indigenes but I am not against them and anybody hating them is only having belly ache” , he revealed.

“It’s only God that knows how He arranged his things. As at that time, we had about 34 Permanent Secretaries in Lagos State and 14 of them were from Ikorodu township alone. What Mobolaji Johnson said practical came to reality.

“In Ikorodu division, God has placed the major roles in the hands of Ikorodu town. But why recognizing these enormous responsibilities on their shoulders, people from Ikorodu must remember that they are not the only ones in the division.

He charged the people of Ikorodu to always remember that other towns too exist in the division and consider them for development as well.

“Ikorodu people should always remember that there are people in Imota, Igbogbo, Ijede and other parts of the division. No one can query how God has arranged the affairs of men, only a stupid person would do that.

“I, Oba Ajibade, I have nothing against Ikorodu town, I only envy their position and what God has done for them.

“People from Ikorodu at all times have to look back to where the division started from. Our leaders like TOS Benson had done very well, same with Chief S. O. Gbadamosi, a successful business man who also contributed immensely to the developments of the division.

“We can all see the effects of their roles on the transformation of Ikorodu-Lagos road and other parts of the town. The road was bushy with narrow road and only Ikorodu Trading Company and one other company were on that road when Mobolaji Johnson made that statement but today, we can all see what the place is.

“Alhaji Gbadamosi, Pa Allison and some others traded and brought commerce into Ikorodu which many people from Ikorodu benefitted from. The work of these heroes liberated Ikorodu.

“Anytime that I am on Lagos road, I always thought that I am at Hackney in London. All these developments that we are having in that axis and other areas started manifesting about 10 to 15 years ago but the foundation started with these people that I mentioned because they contributed immensely to the development of Ikorodu.

“The forerunners developed commerce, education and many other things that we are enjoying now.

“Ikorodu should note that others that formed the division are also requesting for their own share of development.

“There is also Otunba Adeniran Ogunsanya who left his law practice to join the Lagos State Government at the creation of the state as a Commissioner.

“What the Eminent Persons of Ikorodu Division are trying to do today was done alone by late Otunba Ogunsanya then. He always demanded for Ikorodu’s share from the state.

“His contributions with others like T.O.S Bensn, Alhaji S.O Gbadamosi and Pa Allison developed Ikorodu in terms of commerce, education and others.

“We are also proud of the contributions of Chief Olusola Benson, SAN, who became the national President of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) as far back as 1978.

“I also want to acknowledge Prof. Sanni, the professor of professors. When The Lagos State Civil Service Model College was founded, he was the chairman of the board then and I was also a member. This yearning that we must develop our town is what he has been preaching. This is the type of efforts that have developed you people (Ikorodu people).

“This our old doctor who is not here today, Dr Bolaji Ajenifuja , had also done a lot in terms of developing Ikorodu and bringing honour to the town. Go and read his biography for you to see his landmark achievements in medicine profession.

“The chairman of Liaison Group of EPID, Sir Kayode Shoderu, is another up and doing man. The man would have been a spy if he’s in the service of the United States of America (USA). He played very significant role in the matter between Imota and Ikorodu when he visited me three times.

More so, Oba Agoro spoke about the elected and appointed representatives that were being honoured one-after-the-other and charged them to do more with their offices in moving Ikorodu division forward.

“Coming back to the awardees of today. I congratulate you all. It will be difficult for anybody that is not happy with the appointments of others to progress.

“All these that we are enjoying today were because of the efforts of the likes of Otunba Benson, Alhaji Gbadamosi, Pa Allison and others. You must emulate their good deeds.

“Part of what I enjoy about the Ikorodu people is their attitude in giving and that’s one of the reasons why I am here this afternoon.

“All what Ikorodu is enjoying today is because they are educated and always ready to serve.

“I challenged people from Awori to agree that the state capital should be brought to Ikorodu and see if it would thrive or not. Ikorodu people are most resourceful in the state” Oba Agoro stated confidently.

“ I have gone to this length to celebrate these people so as to charge those we are honouring today and others coming behind them to emulate them and those past heroes so that Ikorodu division can develop further. But Ikorodu division is not Ikorodu township alone, it also includes Imota, Igbogbo and Ijede”, Oba Agoro restated.

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