Hon. Babajimi Benson and hon Sanai Agunbiade, APC candidates for Ikorodu Federal Constituency and Ikorodu Constituency I respectively

Development is a dynamic process. A society evolve to a state of development by conscious efforts by every stakeholder to align their motives, thoughts and actions towards the common good of the society.  A society that desires development should support its best hands to lead.


I read a comment of a social media influencer and an old student of the oldest secondary school in Ikorodu on twitter, when he recently visited his alma mater for the first time after 39 years.  The visitor was unimpressive at the state of development in the community. He was quick to express his dismay on his twitter page. Though, I believe his comment was an overstatement based on verifiable facts, it is not in doubt that his expectation of a level of development spanning 39 years is far below standard available in other places in Lagos state.


There is no gainsaying that ikorodu is the second largest town by land mass in Lagos state, it is the second most populous city in the state, accommodates one of the largest industrial estate, with the largest cluster of steel rolling mills in the country, houses one of the nation’s three lighter port terminals and the largest power generating plant in Nigeria about 20% of the nations power supply.  The community’s potential in mineral and human resources are enormous. It is so pathetic that such a town is perceived as the weakest link in the development chain of the state.


The state of underdevelopment has been a major source of concern to residents and indigenes alike. Several efforts has been made by relevant stakeholders to correct this anomaly by organizing intellectual sessions like talk shows and summit so as to discuss and posit possible solutions to these issues.  At each time, these sessions generates far-reaching observations, suggestions and resolutions.  Infact in our own dear community, talk is seen as expensive as the price of pure water.


There is a convergence of opinion that one of the major reason for the low attention to building strong infrastructures in the community by subsequent government is that our political gladiators occupies the lower rung in the ladder of political decision making in the state.


I believe strongly, that  shortage of resources to cater for  infrastructural needs, is a major challenge to most economies.  Lagos State is not an exception.  Once a budget is passed, the constitution provide the executive arm, the prerogative to make decision on resource allocation and are not necessarily bound by any laid down principle, rules or procedures. As a result, prebendalism has crept into our political system such that it has become the new norm.


There is a saying that, he that go to feast with the devil must go with a long spoon. We cannot afford anymore to be bystanders when critical decisions are taken about resource allocation and governance in the state.  We must ensure that our best hands that are leveraged with requisite experience and capacity, are supported to represent us at the negotiating table. We must stand united and jettison any form of divisive tendencies and grudges for the sake of moving the division forward.


Every candidate in this election must be profiled based on his/her own merit.  we must lift  the veil of primordial sentiments and not take decisions based on the dictate of our emotions. This is a political risk that might take us many steps backward.


The legislative arm is the bastion of democracy in any society and the beacon of hope to the common man. Whoever that sought to occupy such position must be armed with intellectual acuity, strong character, charisma and possess the ability to articulate the views of his constituents in such a way that will draw the attention of relevant authorities.


The majority leader of the national house of representative during the campaign rally of JB, said each time hon. JB stands to contribute in the house, the issue of ikorodu is always germane in his speech. Hon jimi Benson played an pivotal role in the construction of the hitherto abandoned ikorodu-sagamu road. His return to office will ensure a speedy completion of that road and also see to the proper functioning of NPA lighter port Terminal in Ikorodu. JB is a quintessence of true and quality representation.


Electioneering period should not be a time to suppress the truth for propaganda and naysaying. Hon SOB has been a strong force in the Lagos state house of assembly making ikorodu proud.  He was awarded the best Male legislator at three different occasions.


In the past, illegal encroachment on land by notorious land grabbers was wide-spread within the division causing wanton destruction of land and properties. Today, ikorodu is experiencing relative peace and has also witnessed large influx of new entrants into the community as a result of the land grabbers law which criminalizes their activities.  That law as sponsored by Hon SOB.


The Boston marathon in the United States is the world’s oldest and most popular city marathon, annually the event is witnessed by an average of 30,000 participants and 500,000 spectators. At four consecutive years, SOB has been hosting and sponsoring the Ikorodu mini marathon, who knows the next Usain Bolt may emerge from the community.  Also the Asa Festival aimed at celebrating our cultural heritage and improving the tourism potentials of ikorodu.


No society that desires greatness relegates its shinning lights. The reward for good work is more work. Let the best lead, at the end we are all winners.  Let us support  Honourable Jimi Benson (JB) and Honourable Sanai Oyeniran Bolanle Agunbiade (SOB) whom the caps fits best.


On a concluding note, I will like commend to Mr. Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi for his sterling performance at the recently held Lagos governorship debate.  He really made us proud. I wish him and every other candidates the best as they proceed in this journey to govern Africa’s 7th Largest economy.


By Oke Godwin Olaoluwa

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