EDITORIAL – Time For Governor Ambode To Act In Correcting Deficiencies In Waste Management


Refuse at the Sheriff junction in Ikorodu Local Government

It is high time that the Lagos State Government sits up and save the environment from impending health dangers by either reversing its present ineffective waste management initiative and bring back the one put in place by preceding governments or give the masses a workable alternative.


The present situation where every junction in Ikorodu and other parts of the state is turning into refuse dump which are left unattended to is not only taking the state back by decades but also portraying the so called mega city as a jungle state.


The Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, during a programme in commemoration of the 2018 World Habitat Day at Adeyemi Bero Auditorium, Alausa Secretariat,Ikeja, admitted that existing structures and current realities in waste management in the State reveal deficiencies that do not align with the government’s vision of a smart city.

The situation at Adaraloye junction in Ikorodu

In his paper on the theme; “Municipal Solid Waste Management”, he said waste generation was a natural phenomenon as a result of human activities and that the challenges of managing solid waste cannot be overemphasized.

It is now time for the state to act!!

Go from Ikorodu garage to Ayangbure road, Ojogbe, Ireshe, Ota-Ona, Alhaji Street, Onisigida/Sabo road and junction down to Igbogbo road, Olu-Odo/Adegbose road by canal and other parts of the division, it’s refuse, refuse,refuse everywhere!


The situation has worsened since the beginning of the crisis in the State’s chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) occasioned by the recently concluded primary elections which denied the governor a second term ticket.

Another refuse dump at Itunmoja/Sabo junction calling for the government attention

According to the report gathered, the waste management crisis was compounded by the perceived cold war between the governor and the council helmsmen as well as other state matters.


Many residents in Ikorodu are appealing to the state and local government to sheath their swords and face the business of governance squarely especially in protecting the environment. The present situation across the state could cause epidemics and serious environmental problem if not tackled now!

Refuse dump at Ota-Ona

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